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This Beautiful Bag Is What Alisha’s Heart Is Set On

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Beautiful things happen when kindred spirits come together to create something. And it’s even better when they’re on the same plane, in terms of values, aesthetics, and good vibes. The Burlap People consists of a band of three; Samriddh Burman, The Chief Romantic, Karuna Ezara Parikh, The Resident Firefly, and Rewant Lokesh, The Gray Wolf, and it’s important you know these names because it’s people like this who are propelling the fashion world into more environmentally sustainable, conscious consumption. They make burlap bags (combining jute and other natural fibres) and leather, which are handcrafted by fourth-generation craftsmen, eco-friendly and filled to the brim with good juju, which is something the world is in grave need of right now. There’s a whole catalogue of killer bags to choose from, but my heart was set on the Side Kick from the get-go.



The Burlap People Burlap Side Kick Bag 

Made out of vintage washed burlap, this beautiful tan bag has a salvaged leather handle, an antique brass buckle, and a lining of drilled canvas. And considering each piece is hand-made, every person who owns one of these puppies owns a original signature piece, in a way. There are 23 colours of burlap available so the customisation options are pretty endless. And ranging from moss green and dark wine to turquoise and baby pink, you can be sure there’s something for everyone. Earthy souls, I promise you that this will be love at first sight.

SHOP NOW: The Burlap People Burlap Side Kick Bag (Rs. 4,200)


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