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Ayushmann Khurrana Casually Turned Up In A Saree For A Trailer Launch And We Are Loving It

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If I were to be stranded on a deserted island and was allowed two things to take with me, the answer will be simple. A device that can turn moisture into water and a stack of DVDs with Ayushmann Khurrana movies. One of the most talented actors working today, Ayushmann’s unparalleled talent finally got his due with the recent National Award win. But the one thing that we want to applaud this man for is how casually he managed to walk into the his film’s trailer launch in a saree. Also, while looking totally fabulous, he seems so comfortable in the drape. Now that’s just not fair!

Ayushmann has joined forces with talented ladies Nushrat Bharucha and Ekta Kapoor for a new comedy called Dream Girl, the trailer for which has already created a lot of buzz.


Promoting the trailer launch were the stars and makers of the film, with Ayushmann being extra AF in his saree and sneakers. Given the premise of the film, where a man works as a female phone sex operator, we get where Ayushmann is coming from. A film that is true to the actor’s essence sees him explore his feminine side in some scenes. Full with graceful neck sways and cheeky winks, Ayushmann might just reinvent the traditional masculine role a lead actor plays in a film. Directed by Raaj Shaandilyaa and co-produced by Ekta Kapoor and Shobha Kapoor, the film already looks like it will stand out among its contemporaries.

We are sure the actor can play literally any role on the planet and producer Ekta Kapoor agrees. “After hearing the script, I felt there is only one actor who could pull off the kind of voice modulation that the role required. I told (director) Raaj (Shaandilyaa) that man (Ayushmann) bets on scripts, he will not see how big the director is or how many films he has done. He will only read the script. It takes a lot to play a woman, and he has that ability. You have to be a really talented man to play a woman.”, she elaborated. We agree!

With anyone else, turning up in a saree can be seen as a shtick, Ayushmann’s natural charm and genuine creativity makes us believe that he loves going the whole 9 yards. The saree wasn’t a costume for him at the event, it was his chosen attire. Also, the fact that he is so at ease in the saree only goes the show how comfortable he is in his sexuality. Cinema’s best Punjabi boy BFF is our favourite popular actor in a saree, maybe one of the only ones in a long time. “They are more compassionate as a gender, and calmer. I feel they are more attached, even though I do not believe in generalisation. I think men and women are the same in everything in life”, said Ayushmann in an interview. Can this man stop being so perfect already?

While we are on the film, check out Nushrat Bharucha looking like a total babe in her Manning Cartell bodycon dress for the trailer launch. We can’t wait till she totally slays her promotional looks. We’re keeping an eye out already!

Check out the insanely funny and highly entertaining trailer here:

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