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#AskHauterfly: How To Avoid Getting Blisters From New Heels?

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All of us get super excited when party season starts, don’t we? We have several excuses to indulge ourselves in a shopping spree, flashing our haul for every event. Unfortunately, some newbies, such as footwear, require a little EXTRA attention, as compared with the clothes. Literally the case almost every single time, if you don’t break in those shoes, those shoes are going to break your feet! So basically, we end up spending a ton on a new pair, only for them to betray you not even halfway through the night. We’ve all probably done the embarrassing walk of shame, as we stumble down the dirty streets unromantically holding our heels. Come on, we are pretty familiar with that intense sigh of relief when we take ’em painful puppies off. However, even though the temporary pain subsides, the hangover of wearing new heels and its blister friends hit you the very next morning.

Now, obviously we’ve been through this horrific ordeal a million times, but somehow think it will work out this time (sounds a lot like a destructive relationship, doesn’t it?). So the key is to *WEAR THEM IN* — you don’t need to wear them outside literally, but just have a dress rehearsal in order to get accustomed to the height, shape etc. The main culprit behind those ugly blisters is the friction between the inside of the shoe and your skin. Lubricate your feet prior to wearing them, making sure they aren’t dry enough to rub against the material. During your trial and test runs, check to see where it hurts or burns, and try and cushion those areas. For example, if there is extra friction on the side of your little toe, or on your ankle, then tape that part up. Testing them out also helps with stretching out the shoe, in case it’s a tight fit. For the times where nothing seems to do the trick and you do turn up with one micro-mini blister, DO NOT…I mean DO NOT pull on the skin. Just wrap it up in antiseptic and let it heal by itself.

I know that beauty sometimes means pain, especially when it comes to a fresh pair of footies, but that doesn’t mean you have to suffer in silence. Although you do have the option to go with flats or sneakers (which still look fab and are currently very trendy, BTW), we all sort of believe that the elegance we need are hidden in those heels. So this time when you are out partying, make sure you play it safe and keep those wigglers protected from blisters.


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