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Ananya Panday Gets Endorsements And Magazine Covers After One Flop With KJo! Nepotism Much?

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It doesn’t take much for anything in Bollywood to become a ‘thing’, and we use that term quite broadly here. Doesn’t take much for an airport look to become a raging fashion trend, doesn’t take much for a casual comment to become a full-blown allegation, and by the looks of it, doesn’t take much for anyone to become an actor. And while we want to believe that nepotism was all but an unnecessary dig at KJo by the then aggravated Kangana Ranaut, we can’t help but blind ourselves to its very visible predominance in the industry. Case in point – Ananya Panday.

The blue-eyed girl in the industry, Ananya Panday, who got her big break in Karan Johar’s SOTY 2, could be the perfect example for what we are trying to say. Until the movie was released, we were doling out all sorts of benefit-of-doubts for the young actress. For all we know, she could’ve been the next Alia Bhatt. After all, the start was quite the same for her too. But boy, were we wrong.

Student Of The Year 2 turned out to be a great flop, no surprise there, but what turned out to be a greater tragedy than that was that it did not have any bearing on the actress bagging big endorsements, magazine covers, TV show appearances and what not in her one-flop-movie-old kitty. Enter –nepotism.

Quite recently her acceptance to USC was also under question by one alleged ‘classmate’, which was swiftly condemned by the actress and her father. And although we still don’t know how much truth there was to any of it, if the fact that it took one appearance on Koffee with Karan and a big budget movie with Dharma to get her to a point that other actors are still struggling to get to is not a blaring horn to the situation, then we don’t know what is.

The actress has time and again admitted to being in a more privileged situation than others. She also stated in the Koffee with Karan episode, “I agree with that section of the people because I haven’t done anything. I don’t deserve to be here.” And we agree. If we looked objectively, there wasn’t much she had done to be invited to the couch, that several take to be an achievement of its own. Don’t get us wrong, the problem here is not coming from a star background, the problem is others in the industry milking the legacy and offering them more than they have worked for. Why they feel the need to make stars out of privileged newcomers, when they are so many more deserving of the fame, is beyond us.

The only thing that is left is probably giving out awards to star kids for just being born, and we are sure even that would get them on a cover and the couch with KJo, who seems to have really grown into the role here. Come to think of it, we kind of understand what Kangana meant when she went all out after him!


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