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Ananya Panday Is Serving Up Loads Of Fashion Inspiration And We Want To Raid Her Closet!

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Ananya Panday is a name we are going to be hearing a lot in the coming weeks. The Student Of The Year 2 star is having quite the streak because the release of the much-awaited film is around the corner. While we remain completely bamboozled (in a bad way) by the trailer, one thing is clear to us – Ananya has great style. The 20-year-old debutante definitely knows her As from Bs when it comes to fashion and we are jealous!

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Her Mature Pantsuit Styles

Call us biased but we can never look elsewhere when there is a fabulous pantsuit showcased with such sophistication and class. The actress seems to be leaning towards a more polished look, rather uncommon for her age and we think it is working really well. This sleek tailored pantsuit is the first thing we are nabbing from her closet.

Her Offbeat Colours

When was the last time you saw a sapphire blue gown in the limelight? The actress seems to have a penchant for the unique and we can get behind that. We also how she manages to hold on to her youthful charm in a this otherwise “grown-up” outfit. We would take that in a heart beat.

Her Risquรฉ Dresses

Star kids who are in the limelight get used to the attention and in turn, are pretty comfortable in front of a camera. That being said, Ananya’s confidence in pulling off risquรฉ outfits gets major props from us. This deconstructed mini dress with bold cutouts is an absolute winner in our book.

Her Dainty Accessorising

Layered necklaces are the only style that can come close to the iconic status besides the choker. There is never a limit on the number of necklaces you can layer and we are taking styling tips from Ananya. Her blend of gold pieces mixed with modern designs is going directly to our Pinterest boards!

Her Pop Culture Pieces

This little golden bodycon dress is something that got Insta famous quicker than we could say ‘shimmer’. This Gen Z celeb seems well-versed with popular trends in fashion and beauty. A certain Ms Kylie Jenner is sure to give a thumbs up to this Little Gold Dress, we think!

Her Off Duty Casuals

Following the trend of minimal styling , Ananya’s personal style brings chic and athleisure together, something we would think is quite the feat. The many joggers and sweatshirt combos in this girls’ collection has us sorted for daily wear. We especially want to grab a look (and maybe borrow a few) sunglasses from her closet.

We will be waiting to see more from Ananya and how she manages to fare in her new-found time in the limelight!


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