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Amit Aggarwal On The His Indian Couture Week 2018 Debut And More!

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This designer tames fabrics to make sharp silhouettes, recycles plastic and industrial materials for his collections and introduces innovative weaves almost every season. Amit Aggarwal is redefining the modern bride, and is now all set to make his debut at The Indian Couture Week 2018. He will be presenting the Crystalis ( an amalgamation of crystal and Chrysalis) collection on the third day of fashion week.

His eponymous label is definitely one of the most forward-thinking brands in the country. He weaves magic as he transforms architecture, structure and fantasy into fashion. We caught up with Amit Aggarwal to have a conversation behind the scenes as he went about his fittings, tying up loose ends and knee deep in prep for his debut at India Couture Week.  Keep scrolling to see what he had to say.

1. Tell us about the collection you will be presenting at ICW 2018?

Our ‘Crystalis” Couture 2018 collection that we are presenting at the India Couture Week is deeply influenced by nature’s awe-inspiring crystal formation phenomenon. We’ve highlighted bio-mimicked forms with jewel-toned embellishments that reflect the core inspiration. We collaborated with textile designer Tanira Sethi to create one-of-a-kind, engineered and embellished cashmere laces, meticulously knitted in France.

Sasha and Kabia Grewal of Outhouse have designed jewellery inspired by various complex crystalline structures and intricate organic forms such as that of the metallic chrysalis cocoon. All the jewellery pieces have been crafted using materials and metallic colours that blend effortlessly with our collection’s colour palette.

2. This is your first time presenting at ICW. How is the experience any different from any other fashion shows?

With every show, I like to give an experience to the people who come and watch it. Every show resonates with the collection that we have to create and our ‘Crystalis’ Couture 2018 collection reflects a lot of opulence and grandeur which will be seen through the show.

3. Any pre-show rituals?

Breathe in and breathe out!

4. What inspired your collection?

It has been inspired by two wondrous natural phenomena, the formation of crystals at a molecular level and the enveloping of the metallic chrysalis around a butterfly cocoon. Both phenomena greatly resonate with our design process, one that’s centred on forging unique materials together to create singular design units, and then repeating them to create complex patterns, textiles and intricate embroideries.

5. What research went behind these pieces?

We intensively studied crystal forms, and went into extensively detailing, down to microscopic forms, the textures of the crystals.

6. What are the key pieces of your collection?

The crystal-shaped laces with intricate glass beading, the new age-structured sarees are some of the key looks of the collection.

7. Tell us about the fabrics developed for this collection?

We have extensively fabricated all of our textiles at our studio through modern and traditional techniques in this collection. We also engineered and embellished cashmere draped pieces in collaboration with textile designer Tanira Sethi for our Couture 2018 collection.

8. Tell us about the textiles and crafts used in the clothes?

Experimental textiles, created using modern industrial materials applied through traditional Zardozi and Ari hand techniques, have been a hallmark of our couture designs in this collection.

9. How would you define your design aesthetic?

Our brand has an established tradition of creating designs by defining natural forms and articulating them through unique silhouettes and textiles. By weaving these contrasting forms, tactile qualities and patterns into distinctive silhouettes that are a mix of modern craftsmanship and sustainability, we have fabricated a unique design aesthetic.

10. Trends you think are going to be hit with brides this upcoming wedding season?

The new age-structured sarees.

11. Who are the women you love to dress?

Strong, independent, self-made women who are bold in their choices, and are ready to take risks.

12. Who according to you are the biggest style influencers?

Women I meet on a daily basis, they inspire me with their courage and their compassion.

13. Favourite colour for the season?

Metallic pink.

14. What is the one thing, you feel, can instantly make you look glamorous?


15. What is the best fashion secret you ever learned?

Binge and keep it black!

16. If you had to wear one thing for the rest of your life what would it be?

A black jockey t-shirt and a pair of black skinny denim.

17. What is next for you?

Meeting brides and interacting with the women that will be wearing this couture collection.


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