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Dear Instagram, Amber Heard And We Are Curious As To Why Female Nipples Offend You

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As fun as Instagram is, sometimes it can be a flat-out downer. From its vague advertising loopholes to privacy policies, the social media giant has a long way to go to being responsibly developed. One of the major criticisms of the app comes in the form of the double standards in its community guidelines, focusing on censoring female nipples across the channel. Regardless of it being a glamorous photoshoot or a medical post, the female nipple is still very offensive to Instagram. This has in turn given birth to sub-cultures like #FreeTheNipple, which focuses on fixing this unfair practice.

Recently, Aquaman star Amber Heard pulled a sneaky Photoshop trickery to call out this exact detail on her Insta handle. The actress superimposed co-star (and forever BAE) Jason Momoa’s body on herself, in a picture that was previously deleted by Instagram for exposed nipples. In the picture, we can see Momoa’s exposed nipples, a post that hasn’t been taken down.

The story has garnered much attention from netizens, who agree that the female nipple has gotten the shorter end of the deal when it comes to censorship. It doesn’t even have to be a nipple, the internet is obsessed with women’s breasts, no matter which part of the world we live in.

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For context, Amber’s original picture was featured on a magazine photoshoot, which when shared on her handle was quickly taken down. All that was allowed were altered images like such, instead:

We totally see the point. It really does put things in a better perspective when the tables are turned around to focus on the male anatomy. The social media arrogance is part of a bigger problem, with acts like breastfeeding in public and other forms of female nudity deemed offensive. Unless it’s making money, of course!

Fortunately, acts of rebellion like Amber’s post, movements like #FreeTheNipple…

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male nipples all over everyone. for all you dinosaurs still reporting the nipple. FUCK YOU. unfollow us. thank u @spencertunick for this powerful installation!!! #Repost @spencertunick ・・・ The faces of #WeTheNipple 💪🏻💪🏽 Thank you to my crew, my Project Director Lauren @lollycrosshatcher; my Camera Techs Dan and Lexi @thedanperrone @Ch3m1st; My Production Assistants Luca @lucamercedes, Matt @matthewbernucca, Austin @huqleberry, Sam @samuel_casey__ , Natalie @nataliewhiteforequalrights; My documentary photographer Fay Fox @Faymousstudios; I hope I did not forget anyone?! Ah, The Bean! @thebeannyc For donating their space to gather to keep the shoot location secret. 💛 – – – Micol Hebron was the first to create the digital male nipple pasty in 2014 and encouraged fellow artists and the public to use it to cover female nipples on social media 🙏🏽

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…and celebrities working around the rule to express themselves offer a ray of hope. Case in point: Miley Cyrus’s recent nipple outing, thinly veiled with a basic tank:


While we are not sure of how the issue can be satisfyingly addressed, one thing is for sure…either ban all nipples or ban none at all!

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