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Alia’s Kalank Promotional Looks Make Us Want To Dress Like The Boys

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We can’t deny the fabulous perks to being a man. First, there’s the obvious wage gap. There’s the fact that they can pee standing up, and the fact that they can go days without washing their hair is totally ridiculous. They also get away with many things, like turning up with jeans and a t-shirt at a fancy soiree. Why? Because they feel no pressure to make an effort with their outfit. All the fashionable men we know are that way because they want can be and mandates from society mean nothing to them.

That brings us to this particular Kalank event. The movie is getting a lot of attention with the release just around the corner. While on one end we have Alia Bhatt and Madhuri Dixit in gorgeous ethnic garbs, even smiling in this mad heat, the boy apparently got a completely different memo. They were in smart casuals.

Alia wore a rich, handwoven pink banarasi silk kurta to the event. The always beautiful Madhuri is also slaying in her sharara pants. While we can spend hours talking about how amazing their outfits look, watching the men of the movie just chilling in cute casuals is a bit of an eyesore.

Why are the male actors of Kalank getting a pass for these events? Why aren’t they in their character specific sherwanis and pathan suits? If the women are going to battle the elements and withstand the extreme heat in Mumbai, the men must suffer too. In the name of, well, equality and fashion!


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