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Alia Bhatt Just Wore A Pleated Number And It Reminded Of All Sorts Of Things. Except A Good Styling Day!

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When it comes to design inspiration in fashion, the possibilities are endless. Fashion designers are keen-eyed artists who pull stuff from their everyday life, entertainment, art and culture. Most times, these inspirations are obvious, like floral prints or traditional motifs. But sometimes, they are more layered than that, with only the creator can shed light on it. We love the second kind, wherein you look at an outfit and try to figure it out. Which is exactly the state Alia Bhatt did with her pleated co-ord set from the label Bodice. We can’t say we love it.

This actress/part-time YouTuber was out and about promoting her latest music video Prada and gave us a fascinating new look to ruminate on.

The unique pleated design on the sleeves and front leg kindled the part of our brain responsible for forming associations. It s definitely a fresh look for the actress, who very rarely does strong lines on her outfits. We saw the same look on Four More Shots Please star Sayani Gupta a while back and it is definitely something!

Here are five things that Alia’s ensemble reminded us of today!

Old School Papier-Mâché

Alia’s lined pleats made us very nostalgic of the Arts and Crafts period from middle school. While kids who were good with their hands made beautiful papier-mâché swans, fat-thumbed nobodies like the basics, like making a fan. Does the Bodice design have any possible associations with it? Maybe!

The Japanese Foldable Fan

The traditional Japanese foldable fan called a Sensu, kept us busy for hours trying to master its use. We have spent a considerable amount of time working on flicking it open in the most feminine way. It is also a wonderful thing to translate into clothes, if it was indeed on the mood board!

An Unlikely Jurassic Park Connect

A Dilophosaurus (yes that’s a word) is probably the last thing to inspire a sleeve design. But the tremendous pleated folds on the shirt is giving us major Jurassic Park vibes. Oh, how the mind can wander!

Cable Ties

You would be surprised how some of the most common design elements find a source in everyday objects. For instance, bell sleeves come from the unique shape of the namesake object. The strong lines of this co-ordinate set remind us of the cable ties used to secure our grocery bags and now we are hungry!

A Literal Superhero

The deeply folded sleeves on the shirt don’t just look super cool. They also give the impression that Alia is just about ready to spread them out and take flight. Very much like the winged superheroes, we have seen in comic books, this detail has us all kinds of intrigued!

What does Alia’s newest outfit remind you of? Let us know

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