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Alia Bhatt Just Wore The First Summer Outfit Of 2020 And It’s Super Cute

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Somewhere in heaven, there is a winter goddess smiling down us for doing so good this season. Since our days were frostier than last year (even in temperate regions), we behaved properly with sweater dresses, cool jackets, fun trenches, and so many boots. the fuzzy staples did not spend another year in steel trunks under our beds but came out to play. It was wonderful, but all good things must come to an end. And while some regions are going to hold on to their beanies for a while longer, warmer places already started looking ahead. The brands have just about released their summer collections in store as well and Alia Bhatt just wore the cutest outfit to help us get started with a hot AF 2020!

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The art of easy dressing comes naturally to Alia who loves to dress for herself. She once confessed in an interview that fashion can never have an upper hand on her comfort and said, “It is overwhelming only if you let it become so. I don’t consider dressing up as overwhelming, as I do it as much for myself. In fact, I enjoy it. Some days, I don’t dress up as I don’t feel like it, and it is fine. It’s just a picture after all; it is not the end of the world”. Amen to that, sister!

Keeping in line with her attitude of not taking herself seriously, Alia’s ensemble is reflective of how she sees her upcoming summer…light, breezy, bright and cute! The sporty white denim jacket with a smiley pattern from the latest Only Summer 2020 collection is like a ray of sunshine. For happy girls who like to wear their hearts on their sleeves, this is the perfect purchase. The cropped length is super trendy since clothes are getting shorter and we are not mad about that AT ALL (our dad will be though!).

The relaxed fit of the rest of the outfit is also super cool. A wide-waistband pair of jeans is perfect for cinching in all the winter chub-chub or show them off snugly; whatever sails your boat. The neon knot top is an early sign of the popular 2019 summer trend creeping into 2020 , but we already knew that. Since you have the deets of the jacket already, here are some pieces we picked put to recreate the look!

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