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GTL: You Will Want To Copy Alia Bhatt’s Breezy Airport Look

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It can’t be fun being a celebrity at this point in India. There are paps everywhere and every outing could mean that the celebrity in question makes it to the papers the next day, everything they wear and their look carefully deconstructed. Did they look too casual (gasp!) like they didn’t care? Or did their stylist go overboard (tut tut) and the famous person looked too perfect. Yes, that’s a thing. Point is, as a celebrity, you simply can’t afford a fashion mistake.

This is clearly not a problem Alia Bhatt has because it looks like this woman can do no wrong. Like this outfit she wore to the airport. Casual, breezy and so fun. Want to get this for yourself? We have picked out the things you will need. Can’t wait to try this out.

Inpost Celeb- GTL 5


Inpost- GTL 5 A

Women’s Adidas Training Brushed Pants (Rs 1199)

Zara Textured Sleeveless Top

Zara Textured Sleeveless Top (Rs 990)

Graffiti Back Jacket

Graffiti Back (Rs 3980)

Buckle Belt With Removable Fanny Pack

Buckle Belt With Removable Fanny Pack (Rs 666) 


Ombre Lens Rimless Sunglasses

Ombre Lens Rimless Sunglasses (Rs 444)

Fine Strappy Sandals

Fine Strappy Sandals (Rs 3990)



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