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This Art Deco Neckpiece Appeals To Zahra’s Inner Minimalist

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If anyone were to ask me about my favourite decade — especially when it comes to fashion — I’d unequivocally elect the 1920s. To me, the Art Deco era was defined by its impossibly glamorous flapper girls and there’s no other time I’d happily rewind back to for a taste of the good life. (And I say this even though I’m a Flower Child at heart, daydreaming about the Summer Of Love and Woodstock with an equal passion.)

If you have no other visual reference for the Roaring Twenties apart from Baz Luhrmann’s The Great Gatsby, you’ll know what I’m talking about — even though the movie’s production and styling were a tad bit exaggerated. The era was all about lean lines and masculine architecture, which reflected strongly in the way the women of the time dressed. Gone were the constricting corsets and out came the swishy fringed dresses; in a time that celebrated freedom and excess, women also started wearing boyishly short haircuts and stunning cocktail jewellery. And they did it with so much flair that they genuinely looked like they were having the time of their lives. Ah, what a time to be alive!

It’s no wonder then that the Art Deco period’s exquisite aesthetic continues to inspire designers today. Bold, geometric shapes define the era and the strong sense of symmetry lends itself perfectly to modern-day jewellery. And one indie label that’s deeply inspired by Art Deco is Akaliko. Meaning “timeless” in the ancient Buddhist language of Pali, Akaliko’s inherent design language pays homage to this era of excess and glamour in the most unusual way.


Akaliko Necklace_inpost_Hauterfly

Akaliko Thekla Necklace


This statement Thekla neckpiece from the Caged Deco collection, for example, is the perfect depiction of the fact that not all Deco-inspired jewellery has to be over-the-top glamorous. The rose gold-plated brass necklace with four large vertical linear accents strung on jute strings is a modern and minimalist take on vintage glamour, appropriate for all kinds of occasions. Wear it to work over a white top during the day, or dress up a simple evening ensemble with just the right hint of shine.

Tehzeeb Merchant, the quietly elegant force behind the label, is an interior designer-turned-stylist-turned-jewellery designer, and it’s easy to see how her various passions collide in her designs. There’s immaculate strength in her handmade pieces, and yet a delicate feminine charm pervades the simple craftsmanship that’s hard to deny. If there’s anything that would qualify as effortlessly stylish, this piece would be it!

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