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Affordable Midi Dresses For Days You Have Nothing To Wear

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I am just a girl, standing in front of a closet, saying, ‘I have nothing to wear.’. We all have been through those days when you stare at your closet filled to the brim with clothes, threatening to spill out but one that offers nothing to ‘actually’ wear.

Many fashion scientists (yes, that is a thing) have dedicatedly spent hours looking for a solution to this problem. The suggestions range from always having one go-to outfit to stocking up on basics to knowing your style, and more. These solutions seem reasonable, but they require me to put in some effort, something that I am unwilling to commit to.

And while I am no fashion scientist, (I would like to be one!) I have found something that you only have to slip into with the slightest of effort and that requires minimum styling. What could that be, you ask? Well, midi dresses.

Midi dresses are simple and breezy which is great because who doesn’t love plenty of room? Plus, the length is just about right, making it perfect for days you’ve not waxed or shaved and still want to wear a dress. They are boon on a hot summer day, and midi dresses are universally flattering.  So, when you are feeling a little low and meh, but still want to look cute, turn to a handy midi dress.

We picked out some affordable and fun midi dresses for you guys, so you never have to say ‘I have nothing to wear!’ ever again. Okay, maybe for, like a month.









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