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The Shoes That Are Making Tatiana Want To Workout

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Last weekend was an adventurous ride of fitness — at least for a person like me, whose high metabolism rate is the only reason why all the junk hasn’t settled in my trunk.

As a kid, I hated running…with a vengeance, maybe because I was always in the back-bencher group that trailed behind breathlessly, as the road-runners took the lead.

So when adidas approached us about their UltraBoost X launch and told us there will be a whole lot activities to test our fitness levels, my childhood nightmares came back to haunt me.

To begin with, the only running I am actually tolerant towards is on a treadmill — not on the streets, let alone a hill and the beach. But somehow things turned around this weekend!


adidas Women’s Ultra Boost X Low Shoes

The UltraBoost X doesn’t look like your average running shoe. Not at all. It’s got a bendable sole, a gap for the arch of your foot to rest on completely and, the best part, the shoe is like a mesh-knit sock. The mesh knit stretches four ways, and sort of gives the optimal fit like a sock, which allows it to take the shape of your forefoot, making you feel uber comfortable when you run.

The sole is constructed with Boost Foam, which releases a whole lot of energy with each running step. It gives you a light and comfortable bounce when you’re walking, as well.

What I like most about this shoe is its perfect fit. Once slipped on, it moulds into the shape of your foot. For me, that is great, as most of the time I have an issue with my big-toe feeling like a stuffed sardine. And if I were to buy a size bigger, the rest of my foot would definitely slip out.

Now that these orange and black shoes sit on my rack and I know how awesome they are to run in, it will undoubtedly give me a push and encourage me to finally get fit, start running, and shed that horrible holiday weight that doesn’t seem to be losing my side.

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