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7 Funny Things We All Do When We Buy Something *Super* Expensive

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There is no such thing as “window shopping”. This mythical practice has never been successful with women, we will settle for a shoe string but something has to be bought. This lack is restraint is most regrettable when there is a new bag collection or killer stilettos make an appearance on a shiny shelf. They are gleaming and calling out to me. These temptations are everywhere and sometimes the best way to deal with them is to give into them. What? Even Eve bit the apple.

These impulse expensive buys come with a price though. No matter who you are, splurging on an expensive bag or a pricey dress is followed by a lot of emotions and habits. These are some super weird, but hilarious and things all of us are guilty of doing!

Go Through Major Buyer’s Guilt

Window shopping might not be real but the buyer’s guilt definitely is! The sinking feeling you get in your stomach for the next week about spending your rent money on an earring is kind of overwhelming. Of course, the best way to deal with this is to not deal – hide the bill, keep it out of sight. And skip checking the bank balance for a month and the guilt shall pass. Or so is the hope.

Lie About The *Actual* Price

Mothers. These guys just know when you’ve spent too much on something. So when you arrive home, thrilled with the purchase and having walked home because you couldn’t afford a cab, and she asks you about the price, you lie. Or tell her you bought it on a sale. Then you scamper into the bedroom and deploy a complex set of moves to hide the price. Which include hiding the tag, shoving the bill under clothes etc. etc.

Not Use Them For A Long Time

This is one of those habits that make confuse the other half of our species to no end. Why would we not be wearing expensive sneakers for the concert? Well, because they will get ruined! Storing your expensive buys for a long time before you actually use them is an unwritten rule of splurge shopping.

Mention Them In All Of Our Conversations

Not a single conversation goes by where a mention of our adorable new clutch does not make an appearance. Whether people are discussing the weather or a new show or a guy, the pricey clutch is going to be part of that conversation. Don’t listen to anyone who tells you the answer to ‘How are you?’ cannot be ‘Yes, excellent because, oh, here’s my new clutch’

Only Use Them Around The House

This habit is especially true for the unreasonably expensive clothes we buy. Only a fool will bring out their best cashmere to wear outside the house. These treasures are saved for a private viewing around the house. Usually just for the mirror and sometimes for trusted friends. It has to be a real special occasion- think wedding or somewhere we get drum rolls- to pull this one out of the closet.

Spend More Maintaining Them

You’d think that paying so much for an item will guarantee it’s safekeeping automatically! Nope. The more expensive the merchandise, the more you have to spend to maintain it. Dry cleaning, fumigation, polishing and restoration work, there’s so much required for the upkeep!

Be Possessive About Them More Than Your Boyfriend

Treating your designer tote like a baby is not unheard of. In fact, this is exactly how it should be. Only really close friends are allowed to touch it and with sanitised hands. They get a space of their own, even if your dog has to sleep on some random corner in the room. And random people cannot even exhale near it. Are we clear on this? Okay!

What are some of the expensive buys that made you feel this way? let us know!


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