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7 Fabulously Talented Mehendi Artists For Your Wedding

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There are always going to be people who want a small, intimate wedding with a few family and friends. And then there are people like me who want a big, fairytale wedding with the groom arriving on a unicorn and people being sprinkled with fairy dust. No matter what kind of wedding you prefer or want, there’s a certain warmth, a feeling of belonging that comes from being part of the rituals, the traditions. And one these, and a pretty one at that is the application of mehendi or henna.

Decorating the hands with intricate, pretty designs, getting pampered, because you can’t possibly be touching anything with mehendi on and all the girl cousins enjoying getting all dolled up is a lot of fun. Whether you want to something simple or want to go all out with a design that goes up all the way to your elbow, the most important thing here is the artist.

We are pretty sure you will find a henna artist you will love among the 7 ones that have their design game on point.



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