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7 Definitive Ways To Give Your Work Wardrobe A Stylish Upgrade!

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We get it! You’re at that age where work means everything and most likely consumes all the time in your life.  You probably don’t even remember the last time you gave your wardrobe a long, hard look. But that doesn’t mean that you can’t upgrade your closet and what’s in it to look your best. Here are 7 ways you can upgrade your work wardrobe without breaking the bank.

Accessories are your new best friends.

Even the most basic shirt or dress can be transformed if you just style it up with some chunky neck pieces or statement earrings. Try layering up quaint neckpieces, something you can pull out from your mum’s closet or wear a white shirt with a funky choker.

Play with prints.

Add some texture to your outfits by experimenting with some bright colours and printed blouses or even scarves. They say you can’t wear print on print but as the previous season has proved, that’s not true. Ease yourself into prints by wearing one statement piece at a time.

Mix and match.

It’s an old school trick, but one that works like a charm. Be open to experimenting. Go ahead and pour yourself into that sequinned skirt with a formal white shirt or wear those fancy bell bottoms with a crisp summer blazer. You could bring home major style points.

Introduce A Twist

A regular black jumpsuit can be upgraded to chic and different if you mix it up with bold colours.  You could add a fitted blazer, throw in a casual tee Or switch it up with casual sneakers. Now it’s edgy and fun.

Silk Is A Fashion Staple

Silk was never, and will hopefully never fall go out of fashion. Which is great! Wear your silk blouses with a ruffled skirt or with a pencil skirt for a more formal do. Make it casual by wearing it with bell bottom pants and v cut heels .

Layer it up

Layering is the best way to add some edge to your outfit. Get those duster coats and trench coats, layer it with a no-nonsense white tee and you’re good to go.  Put this one with your ripped jeans, a pair of heels and bam! You just got yourself a style update!

Dress Up

Shirt dresses have been a big and successful trend, for good reason, of course. It exudes style and comfort at the same time. If you’ve worn your favourite one a bit much, there could be a sense of boredom. Play around with footwear, add stockings or even a hat or scarf and you’ll be raking up the points in street style.



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