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7 Comfy, Fashionable Essentials For This Crazy Heat That Every Girl Needs In Her Wardrobe RN!

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Confession time: if it weren’t for online shopping, I’d probably be wearing the same t-shirt and jeans from 2002. I mean, who has the time to walk the length of malls, browse through multiple stores just to find the perfect pair of jeans and then repeat it all over again? Ew! Girls, shopping ain’t my cardio and it shouldn’t be yours too. I’m more of a ‘shopping at 3 am in my jammies’ kinda girl, who would be happiest if she could download the latest pieces from my Insta feed into my wardrobe. While this might not be possible at the moment, I have made your life easier by collating some of the season’s trendiest finds into one shoppable story. Keep scrolling to see my picks of must-buy summer essentials and don’t forget to thank me later.

A Breezy T-shirt Dress

Every girl needs a t-shirt dress for days when she feels too icky to dress up, this particular one is from ONLY’s super cute Simpsons collab and features the line, “My secret ingredient is niceness!” which IMHO totally comes in use when you are PMS-ing like a demon.

Puffed Sleeves

Puffed sleeves are having their moment in the sweltering sun as every fashionista from Alia Bhatt to your favourite fashion blogger is seen wearing it! I particularly love the combination of the sorbet pink and breathable cotton on this top.


Wide Leg Trousers

I personally know a lot of people who would rather be killed than wear pants during the summer but I find this pair of wide trousers from H&M would offer the perfect ventilation for even the most fussy of us. Plus, they are universally flattering, balancing out the wideness of the hips.

A Little Bit Of Lilac

Lilac tones are the next big thing and you’re going to see it everywhere, so might as well stay ahead of the flock and rock this basic wrap top that’s breezy enough to become your next go-to!

A Little White Dress

There’s no such thing as too many dresses and I think every girl should own a little white dress, in addition to a little black dress. What makes a LWD one of my favourite summer essentials is that it gives you an effortlessly stylish look no matter what the occasion – it’s equally chic by the poolside or brunch.

Slides (The cuter, the better!)

Last season’s athleisure-inspired slides give way to a new avatar that’s oh-so-cute! A pair of slides, a little white dress and one of these bags is my go-to summer look. Bonus points if you use a scarf as a headband!

Something Floral

While there’s nothing groundbreaking about florals, you gotta admit that a pretty floral dress is a no-brainer that you can always rely on. I picked this particular floral dress because it is in the super trendy sunshine yellow hue we’ve been spying on celebs and the combination of a deep V-neck and drawstring waist make it flattering AF


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