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7 Carrie Bradshaw Quotes To Get You Through The Day!

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When we were growing up, all of us wanted to be Carrie Bradshaw. After all, Sex And The City and all its trappings that Carrie projected was something we aspired to. The clothes, the shoes, her life, the way she loved, the people she loved, and how she always wore her heart on her sleeve. The best part about her? No matter what she had been through, she would lift herself up (with a little help from her girls, of course).

We’ve all had our Carrie kinda days with more drama than we can handle and more pain than we can endure. But, as the age-old cliché goes, there is light at the end of the tunnel. And sometimes, all you need is a few of Carrie’s gems to get you through your day (or night).

Letting go isn’t easy but it’s essential. Sometimes you let go all at once, sometimes you let go a little by little, and no matter how you choose to do it, you simply must. And you will.

None of us see things clearly when we’re going through situations but as long as you keep hope alive, you’ll be good. Things may not make sense in the moment but trust that things are unfolding perfectly.

So, no relationship will ever be perfect, but it has to fit. And unless it does, it’s not worth it.

Oomph, all the way.

We often lose ourselves in relationships that don’t fit, only because we haven’t really had the best (and the most important) relationship of our lives – a relationship with ourselves. We have to know ourselves and love ourselves enough to know what we want, and more importantly, what we don’t want.

Hold you gang of girls close to your heart. They’re the ones who’ll carry you when you can’t fly.

So in case you need some powering through this week, let these words by this iconic character be what your heart needs!


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