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7 Beach Essentials We Can’t Do Without This Summer

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It’s beach season! The only good thing about this 33 degree weather, besides popsicles, is how great you feel when you finally jump into a pool. Whether you’re going on holiday or you have a pool with easy access, you’re definitely going to need a few things in your summer bag.

These are the essentials that will not only help you survive the heat, but will also keep you looking stylish while you’re at it. So before you put your bathing suits on (here are 10 to choose from), we put down a few things we can’t do without this summer — you can thank us later!


South Beach Rose Gold Beach Tote (Rs 1,245 approx)

The Perfect Beach Bag

Well, obviously we started with this, because what else are you going to put everything in? Now any cloth tote will do the trick, but since we’re looking to keep things stylish, how about a great looking one like this?


Avene Day Protector UV EX (Rs 1,250)

SPF Or Go Home

You don’t need me to tell you how important it is to load up on SPF. And not just for your body either. SPF on your face is possibly more important, all year round.


Forever 21 Brown Solid Hat (Rs 799)

The Floppiest Hat

If you’re still skipping the SPF, the least you can do is wear a hat to shade your face from the sun. And, of course, special props if you keep it stylish with a super floppy one.


Ray Ban Round Flash Lenses (Rs 8,690)

Protect Your Peepers

These have got to be the most popular sunglasses around so, of course, for summer, you definitely need a pair!


H&M Patterned Sarong (Rs 799)

A Versatile Coverup

We showed you 10 great coverups for your swimsuits, but sometimes you just feel like keeping it simple. A sarong can be worn in a bunch of different ways and who can resist a pretty one like this?


Zara Gem Silk Slides (Rs 3,990)

Slide Into These

Last year, and every year before that, we took our flipflops to the beach. This has definitely got to be the year of the slides and yes, you can wear them pretty much anywhere — even at the pool!


Wella Professional Ocean Spritz Sea Salt Spray (Rs 675)

Beach Waves Forever

Sea water does strange things to hair and, for some reason, wet hair looks so much better when you’ve just come out of the sea. As it turns out, hairspray can give you those bombshell beach waves all year round!


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