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6 Styling Tips For Power Dressing Your Way To The Top

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It’s Women’s Day today, and we’re spending it celebrating and empowering each and every woman we know and love (and some we don’t know too). One of the ways in which we can do this is by giving women the chance to dress to impress. And that doesn’t necessarily mean dressing according to trend — feeling confident in something you wear ranges across WHATEVER you think works best for you.

Nothing screams more powerful than a ‘don’t you mess with me’ attitude, along with a wicked sense of style — one that lets know that you mean business. We did say dress to impress, girl — not for others, but for yourself.

We’ve seen Hilary Clinton pull the pant-suit together and Michelle Obama give us more goals than anyone, and why not, these women have showed us how to power dress. So on Women’s Day, here are a couple of tips and tricks to style that statement ensemble and tell the world that you’re not one to mess with.


Mango Structured Cotton Blazer (Rs 5,590)

1. Throw On A Blazer

A blazer is absolutely necessary to make a statement. If you notice, most pant suits consist of a 3-piece set; however, it is the blazer that pulls the whole look together. A well-fitted blazer will instantly smarten up your ensemble, giving you that corporate feel. For a more professional look, wear the blazer with a pair of cigarette trousers and patent pumps.


Zara Flowing Striped Dress (Rs 3,990)

2. The Right Fit

Make sure your tailoring is a perfect fit — this means no loose hems, baggy shoulders, or hanging crotches. You will not be able to make a strong statement if you’re uncomfortable in loose-fitted clothes. It just ends up looking shabby and scattered — not a look you want to go for.


Gestuz Silk Vega Blouse (Rs 8,864 approx)

3. Fancy Fabrics

If you are going loose-fitted, then make sure the material or the fabric you’ve selected is of good quality. Pick out silks, linens, or light cottons, that will fall well, when worn loose. Also, since you are power dressing, you are allowed to splurge a little on yourself as well.


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4. Accessories, Accessories

Adding accessories to your ensemble will add character to it. Keeping it simple, elegant and dainty, pick pieces that are reflective of your personality and ones that will class up your ensemble. If you want to play it a little risky and add a little statement, then a big dialed watch will totally slay.


Zara Printed Blouse (Rs 2,790)

5. Colour

Just because you have to keep it formal and classy, doesn’t mean you can’t play with pops of colour. Yes, minimalism is in, but bring out the red, pinks, and yellows just to add that fun element into your outfit. Power dressing DOES NOT mean blah, boring, and blasé.


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6. Walk The Talk

Make sure you have the right shoes when you are dressing to kill. A pair of pointed pumps will make you look so much more professional than a pair of chunky heels. Plus, they will work with you other ensembles too.


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