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6 Seriously Painful Bra Problems And How To Deal With Them

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It’s not easy being a woman. From dealing with causal sexism at work to figuring out where to get our daily fill of fries, there is so much to do. So we could use all the support we can get, especially from our bras. We need them to be a friend rather a foe. Which is easier said than done, this article of clothing has long been both loved and despised by women everywhere. There are some pressing issues that every bra wearer faces, the ones that make them want to abandon these in a hurry. Don’t worry, we tell you how to fix them as well.

Bad Fitting

Some of the biggest issues with bras come with wearing the wrong size. Bra straps falling off? Your straps are not tightened. Back bands rising? You are wearing a band size too small. Boobs sit too wide apart? Your cup size is wrong, possibly bigger. Wearing a bra too tight is not healthy for the blood circulation in your chest and breathing is important to staying alive. Likewise, a bra too loose won’t give you enough support, which honestly all of us could use.

How To Fix it: Get yourself fitted for a bra by a professional. Any established lingerie store can do that for you. Alternatively, you can find your perfect size. You can also find your right size online, with major e-tailers like Zivame, Enamor and Victoria’s Secret all of which offer ways to measure yourself to find your size.

Digging Underwire

Underwired bras are good for times you need a little push and  lift. However, you always wonder if they are trying to kill you because when the wire escapes, it stabs you hard enough to draw blood. This usually happens when your underwire sits on your underboob or rides lower causing the skin under your boob to chafe leaving you with stinging pain.

How To Fix It: First, avoid wearing underwire bras too often. If you must wear them, make sure the underwire is smooth and the material strong enough to hold it in. Hand wash all your underwire bras and for a DIY fix, stick a strip of scotch tape on poking underwires to contain them.

Hurtful Bra Straps

Sometimes, even the best-fitted bras can have straps that dig and hurt. You don’t have to take this personally. This can be because the bra is not well made, a size too small, or the straps simply aren’t sitting right. Women with bigger breasts face this issue more often, sometimes it leading to back pain and headache.

How To Fix It: Pick the right type for your needs. T-shirt and full coverage bras have wide straps that can offer all day comfort. You can also adjust the straps and your band hook to reduce tension in the strap. For times when you have to wear slimmer straps, pair your bra with accessories like strap extenders and padded shoulder straps for added comfort.


Apart from sizing issues, another reason that leads to chafing is the fabric. Fabrics like lace, nylon, mesh, lycra and other blended ones are responsible for chafing, especially on sensitive skin. Add summer sweat on top of that and you are going to be stinging. Chafing can also occur from poorly made bras that do not follow the standard make causing major skin erosion in the under boob area.

How to Fix It: Invest in a good quality bra! Bras made of quality fabrics like cotton, silk and rayon make for a better piece of inner wear to wear for long hours. If you too have sensitive skin, look for bras that are made of bamboo cotton, they work incredibly well for sensitive skin on the breast and under it.


Boob spillage of “double boob” is a common problem with women who are petite but have a big cup size. When the cup size is too small for you, you can spill from the top and the sides. This can ruin the appearance of any outfit making you look like you have 4 boobs when really two should be enough.

How To Fix It: If you are someone who suffers from spillage quite often, switch to full coverage bras that will cover your entire breast. You can switch to larger cup sizes but make sure to hook your band at the last row so that it is at its tightest. Always make sure to go for moulded cups that push your breasts to the centre to avoid side spillage.

Pointy Nipples

Offices that run too cold are a major issue with women who run too hot. This means that they are constantly shivering, leading to, you guessed it… headlights! But whether you are cold or not, your nipples can make quite the appearance showing up through your bra, which is a fashion faux pas and also majorly embarrassing.

How To Fix it: Stock up padded bras when you are wearing lighter fabrics. Alternatively, you can use accessories like nipple pasties or stick-on bras for skimpier outfits.

What are some of the bra issues you face?

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