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5 Stylish Tote Bags For Work That Are Anything But Basic

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There are three things a woman carries, quite proudly, on her sleeve.  Her heart and her new beau, and  a tote. The last one being possibly the most important. And we will tell you why it’s so important. Because it carries everything we need and then some. A lipstick? Sure it’s in there. A ginormous paddle brush? Yup, in there. Receipts from a dinner 3 years ago? Pretty sure it’s in there!  And why not? A girl must always be ready, for anything. Even a zombie apocalypse.  And for that to successfully happen, we need something strong, sturdy and of course, stylish. So here is our pick for the most fashionable and fundamental totes to get you through the day!

Back off regular tote bag, this bag is taking our style game up by several notches. This is sustainable fashion done well while still looking formal. Who knew it could be a thing? Made out of all natural materials with a braided pattern, this is a bag that screams bohemian chic. Plus, it looks big and as you can tell that is of paramount importance.

Classics never age a day and this handbag by Steve Madden is proof. You can never really go wrong with vintage totes. This one with sharp lines and with plenty of space is just the thing you need to keep you looking fashionable and sufficiently stocked with whatever you need, right where you need it.

This tan tote, with a scarf detail is every girls delight when you’re looking to make a statement with minimal effort! We love the element of fun the floral and satin scarf adds to the otherwise formal looking tote. This also looks like it could take some weight which honestly, is an offer too good to resist.

Let’s just say when we were praying for the right bag, the peeps at Aldo were listening.  This tote will up the ante and at the same time, checks all the boxes in terms of functionality. The silver detail along with the plastic outer case protects and adds just the right amount of drama for an office bag.

Bring out your classy, edgy side while still being entirely comfortable. The gold chain detail and the bright colour adds a lot of life and structure to your look and you can wear this while working a minimalist look. This is perfect for work and for play.


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