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5 Simple Ways To Always Look Sophisticated

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A large part of fashion is about having fun and going all out and you can always play with it. Fads come and go, but the one thing that never goes out of fashion is a sophisticated look. Hold off, you don’t need to turn your entire wardrobe upside down to nail the sophisticated look, you can simply do it with simple tweaks to your current outfits. You’ll be surprised by how well received your subtle and sophisticated look can be, because let’s face it – classy is timeless. There is no way you can go wrong with that. Here is how.

Comfort is an essential element of fashion. That’s not to say you turn up with a tatty t-shirt. But you don’t always need to be in a pair of clacking heels to make an entrance. Ditch the 6 inches and elevate your look with a nice pair of mules or brogues.


Bold and neon colours are great to play around with and add an edge, but fall back on your trusty, subtler hues to help you feel more confident, especially when you’re going for more sophisticated styling.  Pair a blush blouse with colorful pants or go monotone and you can turn around a ho hum outfit to glamorous yet understated look.

Belt that sweater up to accentuate your waist and wear with a flattering pencil skirt to make a fresh pairing with what you already have!

To add a little structure to your look, picking up form fitting clothes is a good idea. You don’t want something that doesn’t let you breathe but something that hugs you at all the right places. Show off that feminine silhouette. Keep your fit simple and smart, and opt for more trousers that follow the curve of your waist.

Accessorizing could be your key to adding certain finesse and making your look more posh. Try easing up on those big statement-makers and go for the subtle hoops or solitaire studs or even a basic pendant chain in your neck that could sit well with anything you pick. The idea is to keep it minimal yet classy. Remember, less is more!


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