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5 Scene-Stealing Hair Accessories For The Party Season

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The first thing I do when I enter any store is run to the accessory section and drool over the pretty hair accessories that I can’t buy because my mum thinks I have too many at home and this one will sit on top of the vanity for a while before being relegated to a corner.  I mean she isn’t half wrong, I do end up collecting a lot of hair accessories that I wear occasionally, which also means never, ’cause I hate socializing.
But then every year, December comes along and I am lured by the sales and high on life and end up buying more of everything, not only accessories. You can read about 5 Must-Have Heels To Take You Through The Party Season and 7 LBDs For The Party Season That Are Anything But Basic if you are looking to spend because you think you belong to the Ambani family. Or because your parents have asked you  “Paise Ped Pe Ugte Hain?” so often you are starting to think it’s true, we have a few things you might want.  *Looks at wallet and cries*
And come on, absolutely no outfit is complete if you don’t have a funky, crazy or a stylish accessory on your head. You know it’s true.  So, whether it’s an updo, braid or even if your hair is left down, a little bit of accessorizing has never hurt anyone, right?
No matter what your party attire is, we have an option for you to glam up your look!

Accessorize Fabric Wrapped Alice Band (Rs 1,250)

Now, you can do a slow-mo hair flip and #PartyInto19!

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