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5 Rangoli Designs For Beginners That Are Easy And Can Be Made With Household Items

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I love festivals, and the festival of lights Diwali, has a special place in my heart. Diwali celebrations take me back to my childhood days when I would burn crackers with my grandfather, even if it was something as simple as a phuljadi. I remember I would pester my family into getting me a toy gun or crackers to burst in the evening. And I was a spoilt brat, so I would get it my way. At my insistence, the whole family would trudge downstairs to indulge me and watch me as I gleefully pranced around with friends.

But, the one thing that intrigued me the most during this festival was rangolis. I am bad at art. My crows would be a basic V in school and I’d score a D, but even so, I still wanted to give rangolis a try and let me tell you, I still haven’t. Mainly because my mother doesn’t want anything that ghastly outside our house.

So, this time I decided that I would give this a try and looked for some rangolis for beginners and I thought I should share some with you guys (struggling rangoli designers) because I am not a selfish that way. *wipes tears at being great at community service*

This rangoli may look basic, but is actually really pretty and she builds it to look absolutely stunning. All you need is a tea strainer and bangles to create this beauty. And this can be made not only during Diwali but also on Independence Day or Republic Day *the inner patriotism in me wakes up*

The mosquito coil that kills mosquitoes and simultaneously gives us asthma can also be used to create a beautiful rangolis. All you will need is mosquito coils and bangles. This tutorial is so easy that my niece scoffed at me when I was watching this tutorial. Brat.

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This is gorgeous though I can’t explain why they only did half of it. If you like things colourful, give this one a try. At this point, I have figured that the key prop of rangoli making is a bangle and spoon.

If you don’t like colours on your hand then, this eco-friendly rangoli is something you can try. And the pros of having flower rangolis is that even if someone accidentally tramples all over it, it won’t be ruined or get scattered all over the place. So, if you are emotionally attached to your creation, this one’s for you.


If you don’t think you can create a beautiful rangoli with flowers, then my friend, you have a problem. Just kidding. or am I? You figure that out while I talk about how cool a food rangoli looks. It’s not only easy but also so colourful. I know if I used lentils and corns as rangoli, my mum will throw me out, but if your mum is cooler than mine, then this one’s for you.


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