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5 Outfit Ideas For Every Kind Of NYE Party Out There!

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What to do for New Year’s Eve? That’s the classic question that gets passed around, the moment November ends (or even before, if your really efficient). NYE is this hyped up event that a lot of people complain about — but when it comes down to it, almost every other person wants to bring in their new year in a not-so-regular way.

While your party planning still continues, most likely you’re also planning what to wear simultaneously, aren’t you?

Just so that you’re not left in an unfortunate rut, we’ve got your NYE clothing needs covered, for the five different parties you are bound to attend!

NYE Party Looks_Hauterfly

1. The House Party

You would want to keep it subtle and stylish for a house party, unless there is a specific theme. Swap your heels with sneakers, and focus on one key piece that will bring that touch of glam to your ensemble.

Go for a metallic skirt, or a glitter top — either way, make that one element the focus. House parties are warm and fuzzy, so remember to keep it comfortable, yet chic!


NYE Party Looks_Hauterfly

2. The Dinner Party

Sophisticated and stylish, a dinner party doesn’t call for an OTT outfit but it does call for going glam. Think of sequins, but on something more contemporary rather than funky.

Go with a pencil skirt, or trousers and throw in some lace, crochet, or even a touch of glitter. Wear it with a pair of stilettos instead of pumps and you’ve got yourself the perfect sophisticated outfit!


NYE Party Looks_Hauterfly

3. The Beach Party

Going to the beach calls for holiday-esque clothes that are trendy, but also comfortable. Wear an off-shoulder dress with a pair of sneakers if you want to feel the end of year breeze. However, if you want to play it safe, simply throw on a pair of shorts, a pretty blouse, and a delicate pair of flats — you’re ready to go!

Remember to keep the accessories minimal! It’s the beach after all, and you don’t want to be losing your pretty baubles.

NYE Party Looks_Hauterfly

4. The Pyjama Party

A common theme for a lot of New Year’s parties, a pyjama party doesn’t necessarily mean you cannot wear something stylish. You can always take cues from celebrities like Alia Bhatt or Priyanka Chopra, who chose to wear the trendy pyjama style in a more fashion forward way!

Throw on a housecoat, and you’re ready for the cosy new year!

NYE Party Looks_Hauterfly

5. The Club Party

Ahh! Going clubbing is probably the best and the worst thing on NYE. It’s the most exciting party you can have, but you really need to think about your wardrobe choices when hitting the clubs. Go glam with a pair of origami shorts and an off-shoulder top, and wear it with pumps!

Or, turn in your pumps for sneakers or wedge heels, if you want to dance the night away (without the pain)!


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