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5 Jewellery Hacks That Will Save Your Baubles

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According to you, what is it that makes the world tick? Some would say people, lovers would say romance, practical thinkers would say money, and while I do consider these as significant, nothing tickles my fancy as much as hacks. And why not? They’re easy, inexpensive, and although they might be odd, they’re simple methods that help you save your time and effort…while reaping pretty good results, in retrospect. As someone who has frequent flyer miles to the fashion world (I don’t live there because I like my sweatshirt a little too much), I can vouch for the fact that mini-hacks are such lifesavers, whether they’re fashion, beauty, or even those awesome life ones. And for you, I have dug through the dungeons of the internet to find these oddball hacks that will most definitely make your life a better place.

This time around, I am focusing on jewellery hacks that will save your little trinkets from breaking, discolouring, or getting lost. And I do this not only to help you my fellow tanglers, but also myself. So check-out these 5 jewellery hacks which will save your baubles and your time.


1. Tangle Free

Haven’t we lost a few good necklaces, especially when travelling? I mean, who has the patience to sit through hours of squinting and wiggling those fingers in order separate those two necklaces that just don’t want come apart. When packing away those necklaces, loop one side of your chain into a straw and clip the end. This prevents the chains from tangling and knotting up within each other. Also, you can easily pack it away with other necklaces and not worry about spending eons untangling them.


2. Top-Coat Rings

I, for one, love collecting rings, especially the funky costume jewellery kinds. Unfortunately, as soon as a little water hits it, the silver or gold slowly starts changing colour, and then eventually looks extremely ugly. It also ends up turning your finger into what can only described as a colour that looks good on The Hulk. By adding a clear coat to the rings, you create a layer that sort of seals in the original shine and also prevents your sweat and any other liquid from discolouring the trinkets.


3. Button Them Up

If you always end up misplacing your earring pairs and really have the need to keep them together, then try storing them on a button. Simply loop the stem of your earrings through the button and clip them in place. This allows for the pair to stay together and boy, does it save you time when you’re hunting through that jewellery box of yours.


4. Lost Treasure

Just like a pair of socks, earrings sometimes do not follow the buddy system and end up getting separated from its better half. If your earrings are missing a partner then don’t throw them away, just twist the stem and turn it into a gorgeous pendant for your necklace. All you need is a set of pliers to get twisting.


5. Makeover Central

Give your jewellery a makeover if you’re totally bored of it. Revamp and reuse your favourite pieces by changing the colour and updating your ensembles. With the use of different coloured nail colours and spray paint, your jewellery will look as good as new.


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