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5 Indian Style Instagrammers You Need To Follow To Be On Top Of Your Fashion Game!

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These are changing times. Our food is bought online, our makeup is also bought online and our fashion, well, that’s also online. But we also don’t have the time to check out entire collections or perhaps skim through fashion magazines to look for the latest trends to make the right fashion choices.  Instagram comes to your rescue here! Here are 5 Instagrammers that will keep you updated on what’s brewing in the fashion world and you must follow right away.

Komal Pandey

This cute blogger is only little in her height and frame, because she is BIG on social media with a following of 476K. Her sense of fashion comes off as distinct yet catchy. She takes you on a ride by putting together unconventional outfits and making it all look chic AF. For those of you who aren’t already keeping up with her, do it now!

Santoshi Shetty

She’s bold, beautiful, and the epitome of edgy fashion. She is known for being unexpected with her fashion choices. From formals to casuals, she has her take on practically everything and it’s fresh and interesting. Madonna said, “Go big or go home” and Santoshi went big!

Diipa Khosla

This international-Indian fashion blogger who puts up in Amsterdam, has set new and exhilarating goals for the fashionistas. Her classy aesthetic reflects beautifully and fashionably in her blogs and she serves up major fashion inspo that’s wearable and authentic! Especially since she brings in global elements to her wardrobe and gives us brilliant content!

Sejal Kumar

An ace Youtuber and an incredible fashion blogger, Sejal has swept away hearts and mastered the art of trendsetting with her quirky, swanky and uber cool choices in clothes. She also started her own clothing line with StalkBuyLove, so chances are, if she is not influencing you with her fashion picks, she is probably selling them to you! Must. Follow. Now.

Juhi Godambe

A brilliant blogger and founder of the brand Arabella with a following of 256K, she’s about all things classy and sassy. Her style will add a pop of colour and lots and lots of drama to your wardrobe! She shows you how to experiment and how to nail even the most ‘out there’ trend. She is one blogger you’d want to give a look!


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