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4 Ways To Slay Layers During Indian Winters

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Layering is one trend that will never go out of style — we’ve seen celebs in both Hollywood and Bollywood pull it off with so much ease. It is easily one of the style secrets most fashionistas swear by, which seamlessly makes you look like you strutted off the runway. Unfortunately, when you’re in a city where the Indian heat and humidity suddenly kicks in mid-morning, you’re left wondering if you should actual layer up or peel those layers off. Now, obviously we cannot layer as much as we’d like to *ahem* scarves, coats, boots, woolies, goodbye *ahem*, that doesn’t mean we can’t be a part of this trend at all. Let us walk you through the 4 different ways you can slay your layers (and not sweat bullets) during our pleasant, yet relatively hot winters.


1. The ‘Simple-Everyday’ Layer

If you are a first-timer with layering, fret not because we’ve got you covered (no! we’ve actually got you literally covered). Simple works best when layering on an everyday basis — start with plain hues and try to colourblock if you want to mix it up a little. Pick a blazer or a long-line vest and pair it with your fave pair of ripped jeans, and a blouse of a similar colour or something complementary. You can go monochromatic and break the monotony with an accessory such as a belt. This is a baby step into the world of layering!


Mango Soft-Fabric Vest (Rs 4,590)


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Stalk Buy Love Tanned Belt (Rs 499)

2. The ‘When Boho-Chic Meets Desi‘ Layer

So you will need to be a little more experienced to style this form of layering, as it may be a little tricky to pair print-on-print. But don’t you worry, a style tip from our end would be to either find prints that completely contrast, or pair prints that have one thing in common — it might a colour, a design, or a certain pattern. Layering ethnic wear with a touch of something western will give it that perfect boho-touch. Take a maxi dress and style it with a long-line split-front kurti. Add a rustic touch to it by tying in your entire ensemble together with a long and slightly chunky boho necklace! But this time, instead of wearing it on your neck, cinch the necklace on your waist and tie the 2 pieces together. Voila! You have the perfect boho-chic-meet-desi look through your layers.



BIBA Off-White Self-Checked Printed Maxi Dress (Rs 1,539)


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3. The ‘Double-Bottom’ Layer

A simple yet bold way to layer, this concentrates on your bottom-wear rather than the top. An easy option if you’re looking for layers without looking too chunky — slip on a pair of fishnet stockings under some distressed ripped jeans! Interesting, isn’t it? Not that the stockings will keep you warm during the chilly hours, but it will provide a sultry, sexy texture behind those gaps that expose your bare skin! Throw on a t-shirt and you’re ready to go.





Scarlet Kiss Patterned Sheer Stockings (Rs 699)

4. The ‘Slip Dress’ Layer

You know who made the slip-dress layering a trend? Rachel Green — yes our beloved Jennifer Aniston slayed the shirt/t-shirt pairing with the slip-dress in hit TV sitcom FRIENDS and we didn’t even realise it. An easy-breezy way to layer your clothing, wearing your slip dress with a simple t-shirt or shirt is so stylish yet so subtle. Whether it’s a maxi or mini, this is something you NEED to be layering with, if you haven’t already!



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