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4 Hacks That Every Jewellery Lover Needs To Know!

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I’m a self-proclaimed jewellery lover aka hoarder. I love trinkets. In fact, the bigger the trinket, the better. You know, so you can easily make a statement with just one gorgeous piece of jewellery that can totally make or break your outfit. But hoarding jewellery comes with great responsibility. Like making sure you don’t lose a pair of earrings, or keeping them safely so your necklaces remain tangle-free.

Let’s be honest; don’t we all hate it when we want to wear our favourite necklace, and you find it all tangled up ’cause you were too lazy to keep it properly? Well, we’ve all been there. So, in a bid to make life simpler for you, we got TV actress, Dimple Jhangiani to give us a low-down on some jewellery hacks she swears by.

From using baby powder to detangle your necklace to using a button to keep your earrings together, these are 4 easy hacks every jewellery lover should know.




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