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4 Fun Hacks To Style A Scarf This Summer

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Quite a few times, I find myself standing in front of my overflowing closet, and coming to the conclusion that I have nothing new to wear! That is when I find myself digging through my accessories drawer trying to find something that will help me create a brand new look. I usually end up grabbing a belt or a scarf. Or both.

Everybody owns a scarf, whether is a woolen one for winter, or a soft cotton one for summer. This versatile piece of clothing can transform a look completely, and revamp a boring outfit. It’s the one accessory that can be styled in a million ways, and will never disappoint you.

Whether you wear it as a loose top over a pair of shorts, or cinch it at the waist, keep that scarf close this summer. Watch the video to learn 4 different ways to style a scarf this season.

Inpost (H)- 1 Scarf 4 Ways 1

1. The Belted Scarf

Wear the scarf around your neck and belt it at the waist.

2. The Flowy Top

Tie two knots in the back and you are all set with a new beach top.

3. The Bangle Knot Scarf

Use a bangle to create a knot in the front.

4. The Braided Scarf

Create a unique braided knot at the neck line to dress up a basic outfit.

Watch the video to learn each of these styles step by step, and share it with that one friend who is always dragging you to the mall when she “thinks” she has nothing to wear!


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