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15 Jewellery Pieces You Have To Buy This Akshaya Tritiya

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Growing up abroad and not hailing from a Hindu background, Indians festivals fascinate me. Usually, when we celebrate these important festivals, we forget the essence behind them, resulting in a loss in the meaning of why it is celebrated in the first place.

So putting my curious hat on, I asked my colleagues what Akshaya Tritiya is and why it is celebrated — and here’s what I got.

According to Indian mythology, Akshaya Tritiya is an auspicious day to buy gold. That tickled my fancy, so I picked up my virtual shovel and started digging.

Akshaya Tritiya is basically an auspicious day of the year and, according to popular belief, the day is supposed to bring luck and good fortune (aka money) into your life. Which means you need to invest, in order to reap returns.

It is said that whatever is carried out on this day, including holy rites, charity, or investments, will bring prosperity and luck into the person’s or family’s life. Akshaya, a Sanskrit term, means eternal, which is why people buy a lot of gold on this day, ensuring affluence and growth. Interesting, right?

On this day, why not treat yourself or your family like royalty and sow the seeds of prosperity? Invest in one (or all) of these gorgeous pieces that are perfect for celebrating Akshaya Tritiya this year. Yes, gold prices are subject to change, but honestly, that shouldn’t deter you from going all out on this auspicious day.


Jaipur Jewels Earrings**


Jaipur Jewels Jhumka**


TBZ The Original Gold Bracelet**


TBZ The Original Necklace**


TBZ The Original Gold Earrings**


TBZ The Orignal Ring**


TBZ The Original Bridal Necklace**


BlueStone The Grace Pendant (Rs 25,368)

BlueStone The Paksha Stud Earrings (Rs 27,642)

BlueStone The Suavity Ring (Rs 26,588)

Tanishq Ruby & Pearl Paisley Drops (Rs 14,102)

Tanishq Diamond Floral Studs (Rs 23,031)

Being Human Good Luck Pendant (Rs 22,950)

Jaipur Jewels Bracelet**


BlueStone The Charm Stud Earrings (Rs 17,564)

**Price on request, available in stores.


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