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12 Style Secrets Every Fashionista Swears By

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Waking up every morning and deciding what to wear can be an awful task! I mean, nobody’s got time for that, especially if you can use those extra 5 minutes snuggling in bed, right? I tip my hat to everyone who has the perseverance to deck-up in the am before heading out. I, for one, commend your commitment. Now if you’re someone like me, who absolutely covets the finished product, but are too lazy to make the effort, we have figured out the styling secrets fashionistas follow to get their game on fleek. And guess what? They require the least amount of time, so you won’t HAVE to say goodbye to your bed a minute before absolutely needed.

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1. When In Doubt, Opt For Black

Remember, black is always going to look on point, no matter what the occasion or time. The colour not only slims you down, but effortlessly transforms your look from day to night too. So when in a fashion dilemma, simply go for black. It won’t let you down.


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2. Throw On A Blazer!

This one can literally add so much to your attire. A blazer will amp up your ensemble and add a formal touch to it. Whether you choose to do it the monochrome way or by colour-blocking, throwing on this jacket will definitely give you those style points you love.


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3. Layer. Layer. Layer.

Oh, the blazer’s older sibling! Trust me when I say that layering can do SO MUCH in SO LITTLE TIME. Layer your clothes in a tasteful manner by pairing a skirt with leggings, a blouse, and a sweater. If you need style tips, take inspiration from Jessica Day from New Girl! If you want to be less flamboyant than her, then leggings along with a long top, waterfall jacket, and a scarf can work wonders to give you that fashionista vibe.


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4. Belts Can Work Overtime As Well

Snap on a belt around your waist — they can do other things besides hold your pants up you know? They break the monotony of whatever you wear. As you probably already know, your choices aren’t limited with this accessory. Thick or absolutely thin, buckled or plain, accessorising with a belt transforms the blah into wow.


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5. Colour Pop Is The Way To Go

Splash in some colour to all that’s boring — whether it’s with a pair of red stilettos, a multi-coloured statement necklace, or even a shocking pink scarf. The colour-burst once again adds the fun factor to your outfit, making you look stylish AF.


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6. Pointy-Toed Stilettos Add Length And Style To Anything

One thing I learnt about a pair of heels is that the simpler it is, the better it looks. A plain pair of pointy-toe stilettos will go a long way when you wear them it with a simple outfit. Jeans and t-shirt day? Well throw on a pair of nude stilettos and you’re ready to go! Plus the skinny jeans, along with the heels, elongate your body, deceiving people as to how tall you actually are.


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7. Play With Prints

This is one style statement everyone wants to try, but is afraid of screwing up or looking like an optical illusion. Print-on-print is as trendy as it gets; however, you need to be willing to take the risk in order to know what works best for you. One tip when doing so is to choose one print that dominates your look, whilst the other complements it. You can keep the prints of the same family or colour, if you don’t want something too vibrant, or even reverse the colours and keep the same print. There is so much you can do with this to inadvertently look like you just came strutting out of fashion week.


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8. Comfort Does Matter

Whatever any fashionista says, comfort does matter. Style doesn’t necessarily have to mean pain. If you feel like it’s not working for you in those pair of jeans or that skirt, you don’t have to wear it! What is even worse than a fashion-faux-pas is the lack of confidence that goes with wearing something that you’re clearly not happy with. Remember, confidence is the strongest style statement you can wear.


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9. Scarves Can Be A Great Replacement For Chokers

Toss your chokers aside and replace them with skinny scarves instead. The vibrant colours not only add a pop of colour, but also add that Parisian-charm to your outfit.


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10. Off-Shoulders FTW

If you are still on top of the off-shoulder truck, then why not do something different with this popular trend? Try pulling up one sleep and have only one shoulder exposed. If you’re going for something other than the classic peasant bardot blouse, then you can even do the off-shoulder with a t-shirt or sweatshirt. It works on anything that isn’t a tight fit and with a slightly wider neckline.


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11. A Shirt Shouldn’t Just Be Worn As A Shirt

If you’re wearing a shirt, no matter what the length, don’t just stick to the full-tuck. Spice it up a bit by tucking your shirt half in, leaving the other half out. You can also tie the bottom half of a long shirt, making it look like a bow-knotted shirt.


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12. Pick And Choose What You Want To Show-Off

If you are going for a more classic approach, then be selective about what to show-off. Tease to please if you may, balance out your outfit so that it doesn’t look like too much to handle. So if you choose to concentrate on showing off your legs, keep the cleave at bay, or vice versa. It’s just about finding the fine line between sexiness and sleaziness.


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