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12 Chic Flats Every Stylish Working Woman MUST Own

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Everyone knows the drill at corporate nests — dress code is sacrosanct. Because hey… the client’s watching you too! But no one put boring in that memo, did they? Also, I am aware that a typical day at work is not just about being seated at one’s desk; there’s a lot of running around involved as well. And with such a routine, strutting around in a pair of sky-high heels is not a comfortable option. That’s when flats — a shoe closet staple — come in handy. Not only do they pull double duty by being comfortable and practical, you can also find them in a slew of stylish designs. So I decided to scout a few perfect pairs of flat footwear for your nine-to-five schedule. Slingbacks, ankle-straps, mocassins and more… I’ve carefully picked 12 chic, closed-toe options that will go well with your classy work wardrobe. Keep scrolling and shop on!


Tresmode Repoint Beige Sandals_Hauterfly

Tresmode Repoint Beige Sandals (Rs 2,138)

Zara Flat Dorsay Shoes_Hauterfly

Zara Flat D’orsay Shoes (Rs 1,890)

Mango Slingback leather shoes_Hauterfly

Mango Slingback leather shoes (Rs 4,590)

Cupcakes & Closet Azure Tan Tassle Mocassins_Hauterfly

Cupcakes & Closet Azure Tan Tassled Mocassins (Rs 1,400)

Vaph Irina Shoes For Women_Hauterfly

Vaph Irina Shoes (Rs 2,950)

Cupidity Burnt Orange Croco Shoes_Hauterfly

Cupidity Burnt Orange Croco Shoes (Rs 1,000)

Faballey Pointed Toe Flats Monochrome_Hauterfly

Faballey Pointed Toe Flats Monochrome (Rs 1,900)

Urbane Beige Belly Shoes_Hauterfly

Urbane Beige Belly Shoes (Rs 979)

Spunk Tan Belly Shoes_Hauterfly

Spunk Tan Belly Shoes (Rs 855)

Forever New Natalia 2 Strap Point Ballets

Forever New Natalia 2 Strap Point Ballets (Rs 3,200)

Forever 21 Perforated Faux Leather Flats_Hauterfly

Forever 21 Perforated Faux Leather Flats (Rs 949)

New Look Pointed Toe Flat Shoes_Hauterfly

New Look Pointed Toe Flat Shoes (Rs 2,295)


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