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10 Times Victoria Beckham Made Black Look Anything But Basic!

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Victoria Beckham and black is a friendship that goes way back. Whether it’s to work, a wedding, or a weekend out of town, Mrs. Beckham seems to love the colour and you’ve got to admit, she looks super fine in it too. While most of us reserve the colour to wear at night, she doesn’t seem to have a problem making it her day favourite. Sometimes I feel like she has a set of separates in black and she keeps mixing and matching them to create different looks every time she steps out.

So while I continue to obsess over her every fashion move, here are 10 ways in which she wears black, and they’re anything but boring.

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1. A black shirt and trousers are wardrobe staples. All Victoria did to get ready for her event was just put them together. Has anyone ever looked this chic?


2. If you thought a wedding would stop her from wearing black, you thought wrong! Her sweetheart neck, ankle length dress is elegant without overpowering the bride on her big day.


3. Next time you’re wearing a waistcoat, skip the tank inside and wear it as is (buttoned up, of course). Paired with matching tailored trousers and pointy pumps, it’s a combo that can’t go wrong.


4. See what I mean when I say she has a set of black staples? It’s the same trousers, this time with a white shirt under her black sweater with white shoes to match.


5. She proves that your blacks don’t even have to be of the same material. Victoria paired a silky black blouse with a full-length skirt in a different material and together, it looks fantastic!


6. She picked a black jumpsuit with a white boarder from her own brand to wear to the Cannes red carpet. Most people pick fairytale gowns. Victoria Beckham is not most people!


7. Sometimes all black all the time can get a bit hard to keep up with. She switched it up and threw some white into the mix. If you’re wondering if those trousers are the same as the other two you saw, they sure look like it!


8. A well-fitted jacket is a closet must-have, wouldn’t you agree? Next time, instead of wearing it with trousers, pair it with a flirty dress or skirt à la Victoria Beckham.


9. The straight-leg black trousers you saw in point one go just as well with a white shirt as they do with black!


10. Sure black isn’t the shiniest colour in the box, but add on some sequins and embellishments and there’s no reason you can’t be the most glittering person in the room!


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