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10 Style & Beauty Commandments From Priyanka Chopra’s Little Black Book

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While it has not been confirmed yet, rumours are rife that Priyanka Chopra has superpowers, I mean how else does one explain Priyanka acting in a hit TV series in the US, acting in 2 big Hollywood films, acing all her appearances, producing National Award-winning movies, having a singing career, and looking fab AF while doing it all? In a recent interview, Priyanka gave a little insight into her little black book of style and beauty, and some simple commandments that she always follows to look the way she does!

Since we believe that sharing is caring, we have broken down PeeCee’s style and beauty commandments into simple lessons, so all of us can look like goddesses. If she can do it with that busy schedule, then so can we! Keep scrolling for Ms. Chopra’s lessons on looking fab.

Lesson 1: Always listen to your mom!

Every young girl always struggles with beauty and has self-esteem issues; Priyanka was no different. However, Priyanka swears by the skincare teachings her mom has imparted to her, and to be honest, your mom really does know best.

Lesson 2: Take fashion seriously!

Step one to being stylish is to take fashion and the way you dress, seriously! To help her slay her street style game, she has ace stylist Mimi Cuttrell on board, who also happens to be the Hadid sisters’ stylist.

Lesson 3: Use organic coconut oil as a makeup remover

Like most of us do, Priyanka too simply used soap to take the day off, until she realised that it is not enough. She then found a regimen, where she uses organic coconut oil to take her makeup off. Priyanka, keeps it on for a couple of minutes, followed by that, she takes a hand towel, dipped in warm water, and rubs it against her skin in circular motion. This helps both exfoliate and hydrate her skin at the same time.

Lesson 4: A good pair of shoes is everything!

While curating her looks with her stylist, Priyanka said she always makes a statement with her shoes, without leaning into what the dress says.

Lesson 5: Use a DIY ubtan face mask

Priyanka and her mom, swear by the ubtan face mask as a remedy for all skin problems.

For the DIY face mask, you need 2 tbsp of whole wheat flour, 1 tbsp of turmeric, a few drops of lime juice, 1 tbsp of yoghurt and a few drops of rose water. Mix all the ingredients together, and you have your DIY mask ready. Leave it on for 15-20 minutes and once the mask is dry, scrub the mask to take it off.

Lesson 6: Find a middle ground

Priyanka believes that going OTT or too simple is never an option. She made that mistake in the early 2000s, but then backtracked and found her style sensibility, where she strikes a balance between what she is wearing and how she accessorises her look.

Lesson 7: Use a DIY lip plumper

Priyanka and her mom also gave us an insight into a simple lip scrub they use. The ingredients of the lip scrub arerose water, sugar, and rose petals. The sugar in the lip scrub is the ingredient that makes your lips plump up! It is hygroscopic, so it pulls the fluid out, and gives you a plumper pout!

Lesson 8: Be true to yourself!

Over the years, PeeCee has realised that she has to be true to herself, irrespective of what the trends may be. The look has to be personal to you, and that is when her love affair with fashion started!

Lesson 9: Make the trends your own

The trends that Priyanka is crushing on right now are smaller sunglasses, and monochrome looks that include sets and matching separates. She likes to break the monotony of a monochrome look with funky accessories.

Lesson 10: Love what you do

For those who always wonder how Priyanka always manages to look fresh, despite the crazy life she has, the answer is to love what you do. So, try finding what you love to do or try to love what you are doing. And voila, you’re Priyanka Chopra now! Or at least 0.01% of her.


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