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10 Signs You’re An Undiagnosed Shopaholic!

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Somewhere deep down, you already know that you are one. The signs are yelling at you and you can’t shut your ears or eyes forever. Just like you can’t ignore those heart palpitations every time you walk by a store that has “sale” written in the display, or stop thinking about that cross-body bag from Ted Baker you saw the other day. You have needed to be physically removed from a store because you have been swiping your card for the 100th time and even the store assistants are starting to look a little concerned. But just in case you need validation that this is a real problem, here are the signs to watch out for.

1. Retail therapy is the solution to every problem

Be it heartbreak, getting fired or getting into a nasty argument with your parents. There is nothing that some Victoria Secret delights or getting home a bag of Jimmy Choos can’t fix.

2. You have your priorities right

Your salary might not even have been credited for this month, but you already have a plan for how and where you’re gonna spend it, and there is quite a big possibility, you forgot to account for rent in that! Don’t you just hate it when responsibilities get in teh way of shopping?

3. Scrolling through online shopping apps is a ritual

Your fingers subconsciously run through the app, items call out to you, begging to be bought and you simply can’t leave them hanging like that, can you? 5 minutes later, you have 6 items in your cart and are desperately waiting for that transaction to get through.

4. “Sale” is the most seductive word you’ve ever heard

Every time you hear the word, you lose all self control. Responsibilities are shrugged, abysmal bank balance is ignored and you are drawn to the store as a moth to a flame.

5. You speak fluent CVV

Every time you’re checking out your cart, the digits of your debit/credit card roll off your tongue. You might not remember your father’s number but the CVV, you’ve that down pat.

6. No closet is big enough

Every closet, drawer, shelf in your room is dedicated to storing clothes and bags and shoes. If you could have your way, you’d start using the refrigerator to stock up your UGs. Or maybe you already do…

7. You have made up some very real justifications for all of it

Shopping for you is more than just buying pretty stuff, it is an investment – of time and money. Because according to you, clothes keep you warmer than any guy’s arms ever have. And in the long run, this will pay off, right? You can spend retirement just prancing around in pretty clothes. It’s true.

8. Religiously subscribing to all the stores

You are a subscriber to practically all the weekly newsletters from all the brands. You click on all of them, you are constantly chasing a good deal and mostly, you watch this with a hawk eye. They get more attention than work emails. Can’t afford to miss a sale!

9. You’ve never worn half of the clothes in your closet

If you were to account for every piece of clothing you’ve ever bought, you will find out that more than half of them still have their tags on and have never been put on! But there will be a day you wear it.

10. Passing up on clothes gives you anxiety

Nothing haunts you as much as the clothes you didn’t buy. You often find yourself troubled and wide awake at night by the thought of things you didn’t purchase.


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