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10 Funny Things We Actually Mean When We Say ‘I Have Nothing To Wear’. You Will So Relate!

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The alarm goes off for the third time in a ow and as you reach out to snooze the thing again, you happen to look at the time and you’re already half past super late. You rush to brush, and quickly take a shower to only come stand in front of your wardrobe and have a breakdown. Why? Well because like every other woman, you have a closet full of clothes, but absolutely nothing to wear!

As women, our minds and closets often get pegged down as complex in nature. What utter crap! Except it’s not. Or maybe we are just super categorical with our thoughts and clothes and men. That’s universally untrue. But when we say we have nothing to wear, we actually do NOT have anything to wear. Of course, all the clothes tumbling out of the closet reveal another story but  allow us to break down what this means.  It only means that our closet is full of these kinda clothes instead.


Clothes we buy just because we went out and saw they were on sale. It would be such disrespect to those sales if we didn’t spend just a little money, especially when they were on a fabulous 70% off! Of course, now the product of our impulse is just sitting there, but wearability was never the criteria.


The motivational clothes. These are the ones that are two years old already, and we have outgrown in size but still keep around in hope of fitting back into them, hopefully sometime soon. So, nope, cannot wear them today.

Clothes with emotional value. They were gifted to us by someone who was special at one point. As much as we loved or loathed wearing them, we just can’t toss these ones out. These are out of contention as well.

The once-upon-a-Trend clothes we’ve kept around, just in case the trend comes back and we’d like to be prepared for it, then. But at this point, we wouldn’t be caught dead stepping out of the house wearing one of those.


Clothes we’ve kept aside neatly, with tags still on, for BIG events that we are convinced we will be invited to. Like say, the Oscars! For now though, they’re going to have to be kept safely tucked in the closet.

Clothes that require too much care or upkeep during the day like your white jumpsuit or that bodycon dress with a flattering slit. Which while amazing, cannot be wasted on just an *average* day.

Our favourite pair of jeans, that top that we adore and bunch of other staples that are completely worn out and faded at this point, but we’re too attached to throw out. But also we can’t wear these outside because we will look like we desperately need financial aid.

The “Erm.. what was I even thinking” clothes. Ones that we don’t know why we even purchased them when we did!

The sleeveless tops or the dresses that require clean underarms and smooth legs. And you are at this point between appointments when you don’t have enough hair to wax but then also, hair is sprouting everywhere.

The last category are the clothes you can wear, mostly black. But also, they have to be ironed, stain-free and the hope is, washed. So, you are left with about 2 tops. There’s also what you *feel* like wearing that day and sometimes, you just don’t feel like those clothes.


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