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10 Deliciously Sexy Fragrances To Wear This Valentine’s Day

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Valentine’s Day makes us want to feel sexy, because we do need a reason to get out of our pyjamas. We have our dresses picked out, an LBD or a red dress is definitely in the running. Still ruminating over the bags and shoes. But we are amping up the sexy with a scintillating fragrance. This  Valentine’s Day, wear your heart on your sleeve and these scents on your neck. We love these for a dinner date and anything else that may follow.


A fragrance that smells like the morning sun with a whiff of sandalwood and plum, this is perfect for a fresh start to your day, one that will last well into the night.

This one is what your favourite cocktail on a Friday night is to you – kissable! An alluring scent, this will have everyone around you asking what you are wearing.

Like a lovely bouquet of fresh and tantalizing flowers, this fragrance settles on your skin exquisitely and flirtatiously. The top note of apple is sweet but not cloyingly so you’ll have heads turning every time you make an appearance.

Choose this long-lasting, powerful perfume for a night about town. This one is sweet, the primary notes being those of honey and almond. It’s the kind of fragrance that will stay on your clothes long after you’ve discarded them.

Davidoff is known for its fresh, whiff of the ocean kind of the perfumes and this one is no different. Add a burst of refreshment to you day with floral notes that gently blend into fruity notes.

Just like the flower – Queen of night- , this fragrance is the queen of them all. It’s a sensual interplay of provocative and feminine aromas, making this perfume perfect for a passionate encounter!

With a rather musky and floral fragrance, this is the perfume you want to wear on a date to leave an impression. It’s deeply sensual yet alluring, a conversation starter, for sure.

This perky and provocative fragrance by Chloe leaves you feeling rejuvenated and risqué. So pull out your most bold, lacy black dress for the evening and wear it with this. This one is definitely the right pick to make your night memorable.

This one is a sexy blend of sun-kissed tropics.  It smells like power and passion, all rolled into one. A fragrance so strong, it captivates not just your attention, but all of your senses.

Unlike the name, this one would rather summon the bad girl in you, with its powerful, daring and dangerously sexy fragrance. Like they say, good girls rarely make history!


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