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#AIFWSS17: Elton Fernandez Spills The Beans On This Season’s Makeup Trends

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It’s that time of the year again when we all breakout into crazy fashion fever — AIFW SS’17 kicks off tonight. As the excitement builds up, we bring to your some stylespiration straight off the runway. Celebrity makeup artist, responsible for the stunning, edgy looks of the likes of Aditi Rao Hydari, Athiya Shetty, and Parineeti Chopra, Elton Fernandez gives us a sneak-peek into what to expect this season — from which makeup trends to watch out for to the must-have beauty essentials, Maybelline New York’s official makeup artist tells all.

What according to you are this season’s makeup trends? Any particular favourites?

Vivid lips that are bold and potent in very bright of pinks, reds, oranges will be the rage. There’s going to be a lot of glitter in unexpected places. Ideally, people would use glitter only on the eyelids, but we’re putting it in other places, so stay tuned for that!

Another trend is using a black liner, which is usually just put on the eyes, and doing different things with it. Whether it is mixing it with products or thinning it out, we’re doing things differently — there’s a variety of techniques being applied. Another major trend you’ll see is contouring and strobing (highlighting). It’s about catching the warmth of the sun but also reflecting its light.

If you had to tell the Indian woman to buy 3 beauty products this festive season, what would they be?

One would definitely be a vivid, bright lipstick. The right shade of foundation would be next — Maybelline’s Fit Me! makes a perfect match. We’ll be launching three new shades which are great for brown skin-tones, allowing you to really own your skin colour. Maybe one tone brighter is fine, but nothing beyond that, please! And the third thing would be a mascara…oodles of mascara, along with a lash curler. Remember, without a curler there cannot be any lift!

Similarly, if you were to pick 3 products no woman should EVER leave the house without, which ones would you suggest?

A lash curler and mascara, and a lip and cheek stain or something similar — pick a multitasking product so that you don’t have to carry an extra product. The third thing would probably be dry shampoo!

What tips and tricks would you recommend for keeping makeup intact during Diwali?

Definitely using a primer to begin with, prior to applying your makeup. Remember to use long-wearing formulas for your lips and face. And if you can find a long-wearing, long-tenure foundation, then definitely use that. Also, long-wearing lipsticks/super-stain lipsticks, something like Maybelline New York Super Stay 24HR Lip Colour, work well for longer hours. This super-stain lasts for 24 hours and although nobody actually needs it for 24 hours, you can be assured that it will last for at least 8-10 hours. Oh, and most importantly, wear waterproof mascara, especially for when your teary eyed and your mother is making you feel bad about leaving her.

Are there any radical makeup trends the Indian woman can try this season?

I think glitter is a great trend. Also, try various lip colours — I mean, why not blue or purple? It doesn’t have to be a pale shade like Aishwarya wore at Cannes, but a deeper, richer shade can look lovely.

Experiment with colours, use liners in different ways — not just the classic way. Apply it only on the ends and you’ll have one liner going into another. You can have a vivid blue liner going into the black, or you can even have a pink liner going into a brown or a black. Also try glitter going into a black gel liner — experiment with things that would complement the basic liner.


Courtesy: Elle India

Are there any particular celebrity looks you have done in the past that you’re really proud of or hold a special place for you?

I think what I’ve done with Alia Bhatt on an Elle cover is one of my favourites. Also, a lot of looks I’ve done with Aditi Rao Hydari, especially the Grazia cover with the septum ring and the knobs in her hair.

Aditi Rao Hydari_Elton Fernandez Grazia_Hauterfly

Courtesy: Grazia India

Since you’ve worked with so many celebrities in the past, is there anyone new that you’re looking forward to working with in the future?

I’m looking forward to working with Saiyami Kher, Sunny Leone, and Kangana Ranaut.

In terms of beauty and makeup, how much according to you is too much?

Anything that makes you feel like you’re no longer yourself, in a good way, that is, is too much. For some people, their personality stretches with more makeup, which is great! But if you’re going too far out of your comfort zone, then it’s too much. If you like to wear blue on your lips, then you should wear blue on your lips — it shouldn’t really matter what the world thinks!

How does makeup become an integral part of a woman’s life?

For me, it’s about empowering a woman — and that’s exactly what we do. At Maybelline, it’s all about a woman that knows what she wants and is a go-getter. So it’s definitely something that will eventually affect the way in which we apply makeup — it’s changing the mindset and we’re doing so by empowering the woman and making her feel like she only needs a few products — not the entire tool kit.

Elton Fernandez will be covering the following shows at AIFW this year:

  • Abraham & Thakore
  • Rohit Gandhi & Rahul Khanna
  • Gaurav Jai Gupta
  • Nandita Mahtani
  • Kavita Bhartia
  • Mandira Wirk
  • Anupama Dayal
  • Abhi Singh
  • Poonam Dubey
  • Shalini James
  • Masaba Gupta
  • Pria Kataria Puri
  • Ankita Chaudhary


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