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Did Ranveer Singh Make You Fall For The #DurexJeans Trend Too?

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Remember when we told you that your man needs to get himself a pair of Durex Jeans? Durex had the world fooled, us included!

The trending hashtag #DurexJeans took over the world wide web a couple of days ago, leaving people amused, confused, and pretty much in splits. And obviously, everyone had to add their two bits to this trending fad.

Brighten up your day with a couple of laughs from the speculation over #DurexJeans.


#DurexJeans are a pair no doubt, but not exactly a pair of denims — it is, in fact, the condoms itself. Durex Jeans is a slim, denim-coloured two-condom pack that camouflages with your jeans and fits perfectly in your pocket.

So no more embarrassing moments, when the pack of condoms you bought right before that steamy night slips out. And no more whispering “condoms” or “chattri” awkwardly to your neighbourhood chemist — all you have to do is march up to him and ask him for a pair of jeans! How cool is that?! And the best part? It comes in a pair, so get ready for an all-nighter with this pair of jeans!

We don’t know about you, but we can’t wait to get our hands on these babies. After all, they’re Ranveer Singh approved!


This is a dedicated post in collaboration with Durex.


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