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There’s No Such Thing As A Perfect Mom — It’s The Thought That Counts!

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‘Motherhood’ is one of those journeys that can never be perfectly defined, no matter how hard you try. Even the expression ‘mother’ brings about a wide range of emotions, one that varies from person to person. But, one thing’s for sure…more often than not, it is the first word a baby utters and it’s also the one we remember when we are in trouble. So much more than a mere word in the dictionary, a ‘mother’ evokes in us a plethora of feelings. For every baby or child out there, his/her mom is the best! She’s a superhero, guardian, best friend, sister, teacher, and mom, all rolled into one.

In that case, can we really define who a perfect mom is? I don’t think so, because we believe there are no perfect moms, only real ones!

From a mom’s perspective, the love that she has for her baby is limitless. She is always on the lookout to provide the best of everything for her little one and is more than happy to go the extra mile to do so. So, for all the moms out there, we have put together a list of small gestures that you can adopt every month to make your kid feel loved and extra special throughout the year.


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January: Give Them Your Time

Nothing can beat this, and it really should be the first thing you do this new year! Spend quality time with your children, especially in their early years. Make them feel like they are your priority (which, of course, they are), and that you will always be there to guide and support them. Play games with them, sing for them, make bath time fun, and just listen to their chatter without interrupting them. These are the little moments that matter, for the both of you.


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February: Unite Them With Their Best Buds

It is the perfect time of the year to adopt a pet for your little one. Growing up with a furry friend is extremely stimulating for a child. Both will learn a great deal from each other, and will be pals forever. Be it a dog, cat, rabbit, or even gold fish, choose a pet and gift your child a lifetime of happiness.


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March: Give Their Creativity A Boost

If your child has turned 2 or 3, it is likely that they will start going to a playschool or are already in one. To boost their creative minds and let them have a little fun, enroll them in a craft class or somewhere they can mingle with other tots of their age and learn something new. Swimming, skating, dancing, or any kind of sport — find something that could be their passion and let them excel in it.


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April: Take Care Of Their Delicate Skin

No matter how adorable your child is and however much you want to keep pulling his or her cheeks, your baby’s skin needs to be protected at all times. Instead of asking people not to touch them, invest in products that will do them good. Use Baby Dove – undoubtedly the ideal way to pamper your kiddos. With one-fourth moisturising cream, it replenishes the lost moisture from your baby’s delicate skin, making it soft and nourished! What’s more is that the brand has now introduced its customised products, so that your child can feel like a star, their names shining brightly on the packaging. The spark in their eyes when they see their own names etched on the Baby Dove lotion will be one that you will remember for a long, long time. It is really the best moment and if you don’t believe me, watch the video below by Baby Dove, showcasing their personal touch through the special customised packs.




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May: Go On A Trip With Them

Make the most of their summer vacation and take off on a trip with your little ones. It is good to inculcate the habit of taking off on quick getaways with your tiny buddies every now and then. It doesn’t have to be a luxury vacation, the idea is to show them how much there is to explore and that the world is bigger than 4 walls. The change in their surroundings will help them adapt and grow as humans.


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June: Books, Books and Books!

Back to school and all set to grasp fresh knowledge, your children need books and loads of them, come June. Picture books, ones with funny stories, audio ones, fairytales, books with quizzes and crosswords — basically anything that will make them thank you later in life!


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July: Protection From The Monsoons

The rainy season is here and your kiddies want to plop in the puddles and rejoice in the rain — frankly, who doesn’t? But, of course, you don’t want them to fall ill so make sure you invest in all the gear necessary to brace the mighty rains. Raincoat? Check. Umbrella? Check. Tiny gumboots? Check. Baby Dove Products? Double check.


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August: Gift Them Good Health

In their early years, children are like soft, malleable clay, and you can mould them in any way you like. Ensure that they eat healthy, nutritious food from the onset because, let’s be practical, later on, they are going to hog on all the junk food there is. Take away that packet of chips and limit the ice-cream intake — trust me, those few minutes of sadness on their face will give them a lifetime of health and happiness. Also, the monsoon season can make anyone fall ill, especially your kids, as they are more prone to diseases at this time of the year.


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September: Pamper Them!

The rains have gone and the festive season is around the corner. It’s the perfect time to pamper the apple of your eye. After all, you want your kid to be the star of every function, right? So take out the massage oil, apply that soft lotion, wash their hair with the ideal shampoo, and make them feel royal. We get spa treatments, why can’t they? And with the Baby Dove range, you will be sure that they are treated with the absolute best care.

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October: Do Up Their Nursery

Decorate the space in which they spend most of their time and, since it is the month of Diwali, it is much needed. The happy surroundings will make sure they are never cranky, and that they will always sparkle. Paint the walls with bright colours, add cute pictures, fill the room with soft toys, and play soft, soothing music to calm them down.


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November: Give Their Wardrobe A Makeover

I know, you will buy clothes for them throughout the year and, TBH, those tiny pieces of cloth are just too adorable to not pick up! But, come November, the wedding season starts. While you shop for the perfect outfits, don’t forget to dress your child up in the most stylish pieces. How cute will your daughter look in that designer lehenga? (insert major ‘Awwww’ here!)


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December: It’s The Month Of Treats!

It’s the last month of the year and it’s time to treat them for being good, all year round. Let them eat that ice-cream, let them watch that cartoon, push their sleep deadline by, say, half an hour, maybe pizza for dinner? Do everything that they deserve and enjoy that wave of warmth that hits you when you see their smiles and hear their tinkling laughter.


This is a dedicated post in collaboration with Baby Dove. 


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