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This Is What Happened When We Tried adidas’s New Running Shoes This Weekend

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It is a common sight at every office to see people munching on junk food, and ours is no less. So when your inbox beeps and you see a mail from adidas, the guilt of holding the bag of chips kicks in, and this was so true for the two of us. As soon as we clicked open that little envelope and spotted the invite, we knew we were in for an adventurous ride.

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The invite was called ‘Greater Every Run’, the launch event for adidas’s new running shoes, the UltraBoost X, with brand ambassador Saiyami Kher, that was going to be held at The Radisson Blu, Alibaug, on March 4 – 5.

A thousand questions, along with emotions, crossed our minds — a weekend getaway, or a fitness camp? And guess what? We got to experience a mix of both and let us tell you, it was the most fun we have had in a long time.

So before we take you on our 2-day-trip, get to know us, and why this journey helped us get fitter!



Firstly, by ‘we’, we mean Lifestyle writer Japleen and Fashion writer Tatiana — two people who might look healthy from the outside, but as we mentioned earlier, hogging away on junk food like there is no tomorrow is the favourite part of our day.

With a mindful of doubts, we made our way to Gateway of India to kickstart our journey. Gradually, the rest of the participants gathered, all pepped up and ready to face the oncoming fitness challenges. Till then, we had no idea that we were amongst some of the most kickass women of our country.

We made our way to the other side to Mandwa in groups of 12 on speedboats, after which we boarded a bus to the hotel. To be honest, it was a pleasant throwback to our school days when going on trips with the girls was the highlight of our year.



With growling stomachs, we entered the hotel and immediately rushed to the lunch buffet. After the meal, which included refreshing coriander soup and some yummy fish curry, we were given our room keys. The room was as gorgeous as we had pictured it to be, with a verandah of sorts that lead to the courtyard of the hotel, giving us the ideal scenic view.

But what we were more interested in were the 2 massive white boxes marked #UltraBoostX kept on the table in our room. Obviously, we ripped it open, but not before taking a few pictures to make the friends jealous.

Inside each box a pair of adidas X Stella McCartney running shorts, an orange tee, a pairs of socks, a band, and a cap…and of course, the heroine of the movie, the stellar orange and black adidas UltraBoost X shoes that made our eyes twinkle with lust.



Soon we were all dressed up in our gear, ready to take on the activities ahead of us. We began with a great warm-up session with our captain Ayesha Billamoria, who is an athlete and the brand representative for adidas Mumbai. Shortly after that, Saiyami gave us a pep talk, encouraging us to finish the trail run. Oh and BTW, this was the first activity of the event and we were expected to trek uphill, some 3,000 feet, to Kanakeshwar Temple. Yes, there was no way out now!



Flagging off the base point, Saiyami led the trail followed by the 30-odd women who were slowly beginning to become more than just the ‘other’ participants. Finally, we made it to the top, climbing 610 MASSIVE steps, panting and definitely out of breath.

But the experience was fullfilling and it helped that the shoes were comfortable enough to boost our confidence. After taking in the gorgeous sunset, we were given an option to either go down the same way, or take another route that was a bit more challenging. And you know what? The daring people that we were, we decided on the latter.

The rocky path was a little difficult in the beginning, but with the help of the team, we slowly got the hang of it. Since it was getting darker, we switched on our phone flashlights and carefully made our way down.

At this point, Abhinav, the product manager of adidas, ensured that we didn’t lose hope and were back to the coach, safe and sound. It was around 8pm when we reached the bus, relieved and glad that we got to experience something that gave us an incredible adrenaline rush.

A quick shower later, our tummies gave us the cue that it was dinner time. Tasty rounds of starters and glasses of red wine helped us unwind from the tiring day. This was followed by an interesting Q&A with Abhinav and Saiyami about the technology and their experience with the shoe.

Explaining the making of the kicks, Abhinav gave us a few quick tips that would surely be helpful in the long run (geddit?). The Mirzya actress shared her moments of adrenaline rush with the shoe at the San Fransisco launch, and how she had to run in different weather conditions to finish the marathon there. Motivated by her story, everyone in the room wrote down their fitness goals and was determined to achieve them.

Though there was an after-party, with one of the fitness bloggers also being a certified DJ, both of us were exhausted to even move a finger. So we called it a night and slept like babies under the snowy white hotel duvets. Oh, the rest of the clan still partied till late and somehow managed to wake up the next day, fresh and chirpy.

At around 7 am, we assembled at the reception to go to the beach where the next set of activities were to be executed. Everyone looked super fit in their runner tanks and were ready to hit the shores.

Once at the beach, each of us was given a number and divided into 5 teams, headed by the best of the lot. A kilometre-long relay race was what we had to compete in, and,again, there was no backing out, as even the PR crew was roped in.

Runner or not, the race lifted everyone’s spirits and we all made mental notes to continue running, under any circumstances — and with the UltraBoost X, we don’t think it’s impossible anymore. And that is when we realised that was the whole notion behind the event, to instill in us the love for staying fit, eating healthy and living the good life.

The moment the race ended, out came the cameras and so began the selfie sessions. The happy faces, the gleeful smiles, and the crazy laughter were all we could see and feel, and in that moment, we were proud to be amongst those who inspire people everyday.

And by that we mean a 36-year-old fitness blogger who is a mom to 9-year-old, a radiologist that takes out time to train daily, a CEO of a start-up who is also a trainer and runs for charity, and many more who pushed us to not lead mundane, boring, unfit lives any longer.

Tired? Yes. Muscles sore? Yes. Sleep deprived? Yes. But…the moment we hit the Bay, we knew we had come back inspired and a tiny bit of us had undoubtedly changed for the better. Also, the shoes will always be a reminder of the great weekend and how we need to hit the road, and RUN.

— Tatiana Dias & Japleen Kaur


This is a dedicated post in collaboration with adidas. 


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