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Signs Your Boyfriend Appreciates You Being There For Him

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When it comes to people in my life, it’s highly unlikely for me to not appreciate them. I mean, yes, a certain level of comfort seeps into our connections as we come closer. We know that this is our person and they love us enough to do things for us. For instance, I know my best friend will not abandon me over a fight. I know that I can simply sit and do my work on a hectic day while she does her own thing, without complaining about lack of attention. We take each other for granted and this is the positive side of the coin.

Another way, people take each for granted is when they reduce the other person’s value and cease to appreciate them. That can be hurtful and inimical to a relationship. I cannot undermine a person’s value because I tend to really appreciate the big and small things someone does for me. When bae pays attention and remembers the most insignificant facts I dropped, it feels special and doesn’t go unnoticed. When he goes out of his way to be there for me, I remember it.

I do believe that it is beneficial to express gratitude to each other. Both persons in a relationship do things out of love and care and appreciation go a long way in securing their connection. “When we feel and express gratitude, it can cause a chain reaction of reciprocal good deeds which reinforces feelings of appreciation between those in the relationship. Gratitude enriches through a desire to return the kindness,” Shoba Sreenivasan, Ph.D., and Linda E. Weinberger, Ph.D. wrote in Psychology Today.

It’s not necessary to say it out loud, even though it feels quite good. Sometimes, it’s the little things, the unspoken cues that say he appreciates you for being there for him. Find those easter eggs with this checklist!

1)  You’re his confidante

You both share a connection based on mutual trust and confidence. You’ve been through testing times and seen how the other person has supported you. If he trusts you with his most vulnerable feelings, chances are he appreciates you being there for him.

2) Your opinions matter to him

He believes in your perceptions; your viewpoints have helped him in the past to gain a clearer picture. You’re someone he truly values and that means what you think is important to him!

3) He finds solace in you

It’s not like we find peace and calm in just any person. We find solace in someone who feels like home, who we appreciate and someone who has always been there for us. No matter how tired or upset he is, just speaking to you makes him feel better. Your hugs work like magic for him. If he finds solace in your affection, he really values the love you give him.

4) He makes sure he supports you too

Psychology Today says appreciation and gratitude can “foster a reliance on the relationship—both the giver and recipient acknowledge that they want to be involved with each other.” He values how warm and supportive you are. And that means he ensures he can give you the best of him too. Remember, a person who truly values your contribution to their life will never treat you like shit.

5) You share an “us against the world” kinda relationship

According to several studies, on days people felt more appreciated by their partners, they exhibited more commitment in the relationship. When couples show gratitude to each other, they build a connection that is secure and safe from outside threats.

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6) He puts in the effort without you having to fight for it

“Moments of gratitude help people recognize the value in their partners and a valuable partner is a partner worth holding onto,” reads Psychology Today. Since he values you, he puts in the effort needed to maintain and strengthen the relationship. You don’t have to ask him for little things that he should be doing anyway. If something hurts you, he is interested in fixing it. He isn’t avoiding the situation but approaching it with an aim of finding a solution. He puts in the effort in making you feel special because he feels you deserve it and he doesn’t want to lose you.

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