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Signs That The Guy You’re Flirting With Is Worth Your Time

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Sometimes, we tend to gaslight ourselves into believing that we are probably hard to date. Maybe it’s us, being too woke about things, having standards and all. Once in a while, when I reflect on my dating life, I end up feeling that way. But then I remind myself, that there is nothing wrong with seeking quality and knowing what you deserve. It’s not like you have materialistic demands, you just expect the guy you’re flirting with to feel like home. And only where you’re respected, not judged and your values go in sync feels like home.

So there goes my dating life because where do we find such wonderful people? Just send me the pin code and I will be there. But unfortunately, we just have to keep our standards high and find a high-value male (HVM) because that’s what we deserve.

But I still believe that when we start talking to someone new, we must explore it with an open mind. All of us come with baggage but why carry it around? Throw it away or at least store it some place that it doesn’t occupy space in your life. While people have been jerk baiting, that is, pushing their potential romances to see how resilient they are, we shouldn’t! let’s start by observing green flags to see if they are worth your time.

Here are some green flags that say the guy you’re flirting with is worth your time.

He is not being pushy or clingy

There are people who will be after your life for you to respond or do anything they want. And they are more persistent than those fraudulent people who scam you into applying for credit cards. But the guy you’re flirting with really understands the concept of space. If you’re out with friends, you know you can text him that you will talk later and he won’t take it personally. He, in fact, tells you to have fun and gives you space for the rest of the night. He is not hogging your personal space and that’s a good sign.

He is flexible and doesn’t have a rulebook/checklist

I am generally a flexible person and like spontaneous plans. I love luxurious experiences and I also love dive bars. But some people, have a one-track mind, and they refuse to take a detour for anyone. But if he is flexible and always willing to go your way or find a center point, he seems someone who would make a peaceful boyfriend. Rigid boyfriends are the most annoying.

His ego doesn’t seem fragile

Refusal, denial, rejection, criticism – things that can crush an egoistic person’s niceness. But you can criticise him and he doesn’t take it so personally. He doesn’t try to attack you with random points of criticism. He accepts your authority where you know better. And when you say no to something, he doesn’t force you or manipulate you.

He is putting genuine effort into getting to know you

What fun is a guy who drops you texts once in a while and all containing mindless, flirtatious content? Of course, I am a sucker for witty flirtatiousness but it is not enough! If he is asking about your day and your conversations go just in any direction – your family, friends, work, childhood, etc – he is genuinely trying to get to know you. And the best way to confirm that is how much effort the guy you’re flirting with puts in making time for you.

You feel comfortable talking to him

You just feel at ease talking to him and that’s possible because you don’t feel judged. In fact, you feel adored. He is not someone who gets offended over everything and you can tell he is interested in listening to you. That makes it easy to talk to him. The best part, it’s not just comfy but incredibly fun too!

He respects you

Be it your space, your autonomy, your decisions, or your capabilities – he makes you feel respected. He will not overwrite your decisions or undermine your intelligence. He definitely doesn’t mansplain you. This guy you’re flirting with deserves your time for sure. He has green flags all over him!

He has been honest and straight-forward

I believe trust is very important in a relationship and when you meet a guy who seems like either he is over-promising or hiding something, it just doesn’t feel right. You know people who will act like they are crazy about you, just to get you to like them? But he is taking it slow and he is being honest about where you stand and other things! That’s a major green flag.

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He doesn’t talk negatively about his exes

Firstly, if all his exes have dumped him and on a bad note, something has to be wrong with this person. It’s not a coincidence. Secondly, if he holds such grudges on things not having worked out, clearly he has issues with rejection. If he talks positively about women (exes and otherwise), chances are the guy you’re flirting with is not an entitled person and that is a green flag in dating.

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