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#Relationships: Men Reveal The Weirdest Misconceptions They Had About Women

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Women and men are poles apart and yet each person has both masculine and feminine energies. But still, that doesn’t mean we understand each other well. Or even know each other well. Yeah, maybe if we weren’t plagued by stereotypes and taboos, things would have been different. Yes, stereotypes go both ways but that’s another story for another day.

Today, out of sheer curiosity I stumbled upon this thread on Reddit wherein someone asked, “What ideas about the opposite sex have you always assumed were true and found out weren’t?” I don’t think he had expected so many responses to flow in and mostly by men. Seems like so many men had major misconceptions about women until they started dating or changed partners.

I picked out some responses that were either common or had most people agreeing to them. Let me tell you, after going through hundreds of responses, I figured most men thought women don’t want sex. Maybe because women are taught to not show sexual desire or initiate things. Guys just unanimously agreed that they love it when women express sexual desire and take charge. Of course, eventually, they learnt women are horny too.

Anyhoo, there are several funny and mind-boggling responses, we just hadn’t anticipated. Knock yourself out.

1) Women are not affected by their period

A user wrote, “I thought that period could be something really normal, usual and familiar for girls.” Erm, I wonder how many women’s wrath he provoked until he found out. Thankfully, his girlfriend informed him, “My girlfriend told me that she feels terrible every time she has it, it is so annoying for her.”

2) Having big boobs is all fun and frolic

The same guy thought big boobs are as fun to own as to look at. Nope. It’s uncomfortable,  there’s just a lot of bra issues, back issues and other issues.  “Another one. I thought that women would be proud of having big boobs. It is cool for some girls, but it is really annoying and the “sexy” part is not worth for a lot of them,” he wrote.

3) Bras and panties match

This guy thought women looked like Victoria’s Secrets models at all times. He wrote, “I realized bras and panties don’t always match.” Another user weighed in, “I heard a comedian say “if you get a woman undressed and her bra matches her panties, she was the one who decided to have sex that day.” That’s damn right. Sometimes, we don’t even match them for sex.

4) A woman’s orgasm is all about clit

“That you guys have like 4 or 5 different things that can get you to orgasm. Back in the day I thought it was all about the clit, but damn way more involved then that,” wrote a user. Wow, I am glad he has gained more knowledge so women he dates can experience the orgasms they deserve!

5) Good looking = dumb

“Not all attractive girls are unintelligent,” wrote a user. Ugh, this is really shit. Glad he got over this. Say it out loud, “Attractiveness doesn’t equal dumbness.” In fact, calling a girl blonde itself is stereotypical.

6) Women don’t want sex as much as men do

Oh, boy! We are horny and maybe women pretended for long that they aren’t. But no more. Millennial women embrace their sexuality. “Sex drive for me too. After my first two relationships, as a teenager/early 20’s, every relationship I’ve been in or girl I’ve casually dated has had a wayyy higher sex drive than I,” a user summarised.

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7) Pad sizes are according to the size of your vagina

“My brother just found out that the different sizes of period/hygiene products correlate to the difference in period flow and not the difference in the size of the vaginas! This adult male legit called me from the pharmacy asking if my stupid vagina was a small(for mild flow) or large( for heavy flow),” a user explained, rather embarrassed. Funnily, several comments poured in and men vouched that they had no clue either. Wow!

8) Women like only muscular men

I definitely am not into muscular men. “I always thought women were always more attracted to hard, visibly muscular physiques. Like not having a 6 pack meant not being attractive. Which is especially stupid in hind sight, as I prefer curvy women,” someone articulated. Well, hit me up!

9) Women like porn like sex

“Rough sex, degradation, and women being very submissive exists only in porn to satisfy male fantasy,” said a guy on Reddit. This is why we need psychosocial aspects of sex ed. Oh wait, where is the sex-ed anyway?

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10) Women don’t need to climax

“I needed to make her climax otherwise sex wouldn’t be satisfactory for her,” the same guy as above figured later in life. I mean, hell yeah! It’s not like when our juices flow, we are done. That’s the beginning, in fact!

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