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I Am Single On Valentine’s Day And I Have No Plans. I Am Fine. What’s With All The Hype?

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I think more than people who are in a relationship, Valentine’s Day evokes all sorts of emotions to those who are single. Major single feels, to be specific. It’s not like on other days you forget that you have nobody to cuddle with. But somehow, on this day it’s rubbed in your face, again and again. Little children try to sell you roses, restaurants will text you about their special offers and even OYO seems to be mocking the non-existence of sex life with their special V-day discounts. Don’t even get me started on the massacre on social media. It’s filled with either cheesy couple posts or depressing single girl posts.

I am single too this Valentine’s Day, like most years. But I have mastered it and honestly, don’t feel bothered. For me, it’s Friday not Valentine’s Day. Not like I have Friday night plans but I am gonna go home, get out of my beautiful clothes, remove my makeup and cuddle up with my cats. Yes, I got dressed despite not having a date, and I am still celebrating love, the one I share with my cats.

I don’t hate Valentine’s Day

When I was 16, this guy I had been hanging with proposed to me. It was really special and I remember every bit of it. He came to my area to confess his love for me but was so sure I will say no, he left without listening to my answer. The next day, I went to his building and said yes! That was the only V-day in my life so far that was special. The years after that I hated this day to the core. It made me feel very single; I have dated but somehow on V-day I have always been single or in a long-distance relationship.

I used to get so cranky and wanted to throw up looking at couples getting all mushy. But not this year. Today, I feel in support of Valentine’s Day, even though I am single. I know you don’t need one day to show your love. But like we celebrate our birthdays, why not celebrate love? If I were in a relationship, I would definitely be spending time with bae.

Being single doesn’t bother me

Through the past year, I have worked a hell lot on myself and today, I can say I feel very secure with being single. I still love love. But I am not upset with not having it in my life. I am content with where I am. I feel complete in myself. Once you achieve that kind of self-love, you don’t feel lonely when you don’t have a guy to love you. I will wait to see if I find ‘the one’. And if I don’t, I am still cool with it. Maybe this is what enlightenment feels like!

I won’t go on a date with a random dude on V-day

Seriously, it’s a day of love, not of convenient hook-ups. Plus, why should I spend a special day with someone who I don’t even know will stay in touch two months down the line? We feel the pressure to go out, have Valentine’s Day plans but it’s okay if you don’t.

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But I can’t wait to celebrate it

I will not pretend to not like being serenaded or showered affection on. I love the fuck out of special attention and I want every bit of it. But I want it from someone I love, someone who loves me too. I don’t have that person right now but when I do, I want to be cheesy. I want to celebrate love on Valentine’s Day. I don’t want gifts, flowers or fancy dinners. A night in, drinking wine, cuddling and watching Netflix and just giving each other love will do. Until then, let’s all still celebrate love for it exists and we are incomplete without it.

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