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Does He Like You Or Is He Just Looking For Sex? Take This Quiz To Find Out

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While a lot of people get judgmental about those who are just looking for some sexual fun, I think it’s okay. It doesn’t make anyone a bad person if they are just physically attracted to you and want nothing more. But if they pretend to have feelings for you and just keep you hanging, then it’s not cool. Sometimes, we may feel too awkward to pose the ‘where is this heading’ question. Or asking him if he is in just for the sex. I mean, honestly, I feel it’s best to ask him directly. If he freaks out, it’s his problem and his loss. We don’t need that kinda guy. But at least you will know what is going on. Until you garner the courage to do the talk, take this quiz to find out if he likes you or is he just looking for sex.

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Mostly As

Congratulations, you’ve found yourself a fuck buddy. Well, too bad if that’s not what you were looking for. Because from your answers it seems like he thinks from his penis and if he says he loves you, he probably means your body. Confront him about what he wants and what you want. Let him know that your expectations aren’t matching (unless they are!).

Mostly Bs

There’s definitely great sexual chemistry between the two of you. You both enjoy the physical intimacy you share but your connection isn’t limited to that. It may have begun with lust but he definitely likes you outside the bedroom too. It’s great to have someone you can kiss and cuddle and who also adores you. As long as you both are on the same page, nobody gets hurt.

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Mostly Cs

Why would you even think that he is just into sex? Poor chap really likes you! He is attracted to you and enjoys making love to you. This is exactly my point – he is expressing his affection to you physically and otherwise. This looks like it’s heading someplace cheesy. But the question is – do you want cheesy?

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