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Do You Really Like Him? Or Is It Just Attraction? Take This Quiz To Find Out

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Love and lust stimulate the same area of our brain. So it is possible for us to get confused between the two feelings. When romance is all new, we feel a lot of excitement- there’s butterflies in the stomach- the heart beats after- but isn’t like or lust? When you’re meeting them often, getting a drink and letting your hair down, is it possible that you just enjoy these things and their company can be rather replaced? Could it be just a physical attraction?

Your heart races when you get a text from them. But is it that you really like them or is it just attraction? Take this quiz to find out!

Mostly As

Looks like someone has really fallen for that cutie! What you have going on here is definitely real. You like him for the way he thinks, for the way he makes you laugh and how he makes you forget every worry under the sun. You can let your guard down with him and you connect with him in the way millennials don’t even remember. Hold on to it, something really nice may be in the store for you!

Mostly Bs

It may have started off as mere attraction but as you’re getting to know each other, you like him for who he is too. You’re not head over heels for him yet but you can use this time to really explore that connection. Will it remain an attraction or will it translate onto something much more? This time in quarantine comes with a ton of exciting possibilities.

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Mostly Cs

With some alcohol in your system, you can have a good time with just anyone! But you seem to be really attracted to him. Don’t mistake it for feelings just yet. But in case you’re looking for just some fun between the sheets, just go with the flow and have fun!

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